Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A smile that last forever...

I still remember the first day I saw her,her smile caught me first and then followed by her friendly gestures and her long glowing  hair. She was beautiful.I was 13 years old that time and she was my friend's sister.She came along with her mother to pick up my friend from school and by the way she smiled at me,i knew instantly she's a very warm person.Indeed that was the first and the last time I saw her in real, yes I just received the news that she had passed away recently together with her unborn child. Well.i have completely lost touch with my friend, not even in Facebook. I got to know this news from a friend and i felt that the news of her death somehow affected me in way, in a way that it brings some moments back into my life!

I knew the pain of losing someone unexpectedly where God doesn't even give a clue that the person will not be with us anymore. Coming this October, it had been two years that God took him from our life. Yes he was my cousin bro,whom I was closer to  more than my real brothers. Due to some misunderstanding we were not in talking terms for a while. I was rude to him,yes sometimes I just take things personally,the bad side of me.But i have no idea that this is how it will end,it ends without a closure,without a proper Goodbye he got involved in an accident and he passed away on the spot.I thought of calling him once I got dean-listed,too bad I was dean-listed when he's no more to hear the good news.

It rained heavily the day he passed away and it still rains today .....
I was really angry with God that moment,why God has to take away him from us,he was the darling of the family everyone adores him and he was taken care like an angel by all of us. and I am very sure that my friend's sister was an angel to her family as well. Why does all the good people had to leave so early? Why does God have to take someone who is close to us just to keep them closer to him? It's a bit unfair but I do know everything happens for a reason, a reason that we'll only realize when they are gone!There is no word that could heal the wound,or maybe time have a better way to do that...

Lesson learned the hard way,appreaciate everyone and hate no one.life is too short to live in regrets and some people doesn't have a whole life to live,they might have to leave soon,it could be tomorrow or even the next second.

Hence,cherish each and everyone in your life,forgive quickly and love dearly:) Death takes away life but not memories,it stays on reminding us that these people are not that faraway from us, they are just here,watching every movement of yours,silently whispering...Don't worry,I'm closer to God..I'll take care of everything :)

To him and her,thank you for touching my life,your smiles will be alive in my memory!!

P.S: I wish I could turn back the clock and make things right,but sometimes life couldn't afford to give you another chance :)


  1. Perhaps, God wanted to take care of the two angels all by himself. Too special for mortal hands.
    God Blessed them, and bless you!
    Some words should never be left unsaid.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  2. true...life is to short to fight, to envy, to hate...relations are precious, one should give them the time they deserve...you never know what will happen next...

    nice post.


  3. awwwW:) ITS OK!

    your intentions are that matters and he shall be happy abt that!

  4. Maybe their purpose here on Earth was over and they went for their purpose in the next birth.

    As for you, stay blessed ^_^

  5. Very deep and touching post - Thank you for opening your heart to us this way.
    Departures without any goodbye are always difficult to understand but I think there are many things that don't may sense for us and we'd better not try to figure them out but let God help us along the way.
    I truly believe the ones I love are up there protecting me and sending me love - some days I would prefer to have them there with me thought.
    But I have other loved ones around, so I'd better go and give them a hug.........
    Every one make mistakes, the most important to remember is to not making them again.

    take care.

  6. indeed appreciate everyone and hate no one,
    message conveyed.

  7. I'm so sorry for your loss, sorry if I sound fake but I do mean it. Very much so.
    Loss of dear ones is unfair in a world where the worst of criminals, sinners of the highest order walk around, scot-free while the good ones, ones we love, ones who haven't seen the world yet, ones in their prime, ones we can't live without are taken away from us.
    Loss is unfair.

  8. awf man that's sad...I'm sorry for your loss I really though I don't know how you're feeling atm since i've never lost someone. I think the scariest part about someone dying, besides not getting to see their beautiful faces every day, is the regret. You start wishing you'd done SO MANY things differently, shouldn't have gone and arguest over something so petty, shouldve have spent time with each other. etc etch.

    take care dear. :/

  9. Awww. HUG! Words are so important.

  10. You finally wrote this over here..and i can see the pain is and has been the same all throughout..wish i could do something to make it a bit better..Hugs my cutie pie..and life was,is and will be about meeting new people and sharing a part of yours with them and then they will take that part with themselves and you there little bit..and they will always be with you..for you always..and you will of course remember there smile forever :)
    take care
    P.S.-I am glad you could reason it out this way.
    keep smiling always

  11. Life is too short to be anything but happy :)
    Shhh, No regrets just lessons learnt !
    A heart touchy post ...
    take care..!!

  12. Very touching post. life is just a test and life after judgement day will be life to last.

  13. Lesson learned.

    PS:- I have always wished for a time turner like the had in the HP series. *__*

  14. lyk how they say smile is contagious... i guess..so is sadnness.... i felt it when i read this piece of yours..! it took me back...!
    True... lyf is an unforgiving dictator at tymz..
    P.S Thanx for joining..

  15. @Bengts fotoblogg
    Thanks :)

    Yeah perhaps,may they are safer in God's hand
    May God bless you too friend:):)
    Some words should be said before its too late :)

    Exactly,the next second might not belong to us

    hopefully yes,and I know he'll understand :):)

    yes ..eventually one day all of us have to leave too
    You too stay blessed :)

  16. @MarieHarmony
    Thanks dear, i felt that i have to share it here..yes i was really clueless for a few days..it bothered me so much.. all i need is another chance to make it right..i should stop wondering about the reasons..and yes..i guess i should start the Hugs with you..*Hugs*

    take care

  17. @fatima

    Yes is is and Thanks

    No dear,you dont sound fake,i know this words comes from ur heart..and thanks for the lovely words..yes..exactly,you're so right,i had the same thoughts ..why does all those idiots got to live and these angels have to leave so fast =( Loss is UNFAIR

  18. @NIO
    well i really hope it doesnt happen to anyone..yes it was really scary!!!the moment of denial and regrets..=(

    you too take care:)

    Yes dear..words are very important:):)

    :) I felt that i have to share it here..its a relief..aww darling..your words are enough..it takes away my burden and make me smile..and they did take a part of me.. but i see myself changed for better..i guess :):)

    P.S; i know dat I can always count on u..<3

    yes dear..no more regrets but this mistake is not goin to repeat itself..im very sure of dat:):)

    take care

  19. @Aiman
    Yes i do believe there's a life after death..Take care

    Well i wish life comes with a U-turn where we can always go back to the past and made the right turn to the future :)

    awww..life is weird but sometimes its just too beautiful to ignore

    Its my pleasure,you got a nice blog there

  20. He shall be living in a much better place, with less worries and much more fun. And you should be doing the same, for yourself, and for people who love you :)


  21. Thanks fren,somehow ur words put a smile on my face..thanks for being here

    Take care!!!

  22. In complete sync with aJ's comment.
    For he is smiling at you from above and wants you to smile back cute. :)

    Things will be better, sweetheart. Have faith!

    God bless, Love, Risha :)

  23. :):)thanks risha for the lovely comment,you make smile
    yeah things will change,i believe so

    God bless you too :):)


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