Friday, September 2, 2011


Well i thought of not posting anything for at least five more days because I think I'm getting quite addicted over here..but I couldn't help..This is the only place i vent out my anger, disappointment and whatsoever thoughts that  I have on my mind :/

lets get to the point..just got back from a long drive around the town..and I realized that apart from being a reckless cook,it seems that I'm a reckless driver too.I had been so used to drive along the highways where I have to speed to avoid some staring and honking from other road I think I have got carried away withe the speeding so hardly on my mind that i have started to speed around the town as well..I almost hit a  motorcyclist today and luckily nothing happened but it was damn close..but i cant hide the fact that they were pretty rough too..=(..

I just wanna add some reminder here (since I'm being 99% anonymous here) in case I didn't update my blog for 2-3 months long,just assume that I'm most probably dead or caught up in jail for knocking down people =(..

I really hope you guys do miss me when I'm gone because I'm definitely gonna miss you all =)

...and I do hope that both of it doesnt happen that soon :(

I know most of you must be thinking ''who the hell gave me the licence to drive''??? well maybe it was plainly luck :P:P :):)


  1. Seriously, Blogging is such an addiction, I can't help but post every few days, and I'm a new reckless driver myself, Tell me about it :P

  2. yessss you see i'm neglecting my FB for blogging :P:P yeshhhhhhhhhhh im glad that I have someone to relate too:):):)

  3. well you got back in one piece and safe thats what is important ..

    Well you have passed the license so you obviously know how to drive and with time you will learn to be good tooo :)


  4. Hey dont say that sweetie, stay safe :)

  5. Yes my recent post on driving was dedicated to you. See you'll find it relevant.


  6. @Bikramjit
    hi welcome to my blog:):)
    Oh yes i escaped today by God's grace
    I really hope i will coz im a new driver so they have to tolerate with me on this :):)

    @beyond horizon
    Thanks for the concern dear..i will be safe:):)

    Gosh..i read it and I commented ..check it out:):)

  7. Everyone can drive. -__- Expect me.

  8. thank god u r safe...Playing NFS live?

  9. ah I know how addictive blogging can be. Seriously there should be a rehab for blog addicts :PP I don't drive yet but im sure when I do i'll be wrecking everything and everyone in my way :PP

    if you don't blog for so and so month...i'll pray for your soul :P

  10. @acetylcholine.
    That's a serious typo error :P:P hhhahahha..i wont expect u then :):)

    well Mr Sub,you have to see driving..and if you're sitting then most probably you'll be jumping off from ur seat :P:P..and thank GOd im safe:):)

    I love batmobileeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :):)
    hahahha dont worry im sure you'll do just fine...:):))) blooging itself is a rehab:):)

    Thanks for the the only offering me that:P:P

  11. bit eerie to see you have a blog named exactly like i do. :-)

  12. omggggggggg..serious??? not a bit..a lot eerie :P :)

  13. Watch you Life TOSM! :D
    Driving will take care of itself, the main thing is to enjoy and let others do that too. Speeding is a thrilling business, but I certainly don't enjoy it when the centripetal forces push me around my seat while speeding.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  14. @Blasphemous Aesthete
    I will make sure others have equal rights of enjoying while driving :):) toooooooo :):)


  15. Whats your real name ? I want to address you a lot more personally :)

  16. Blogging can indeed get addictive :)
    it's the only place where we can actually do and write what we wish to :)
    You have a nice blog :)
    Keep posting!

  17. My driving skills are also questionnable. Not that I question them. Others do though!

    I get addicted/obsessed about things very easily too. But, as long as it's not a danger to yourself or anyone else... why not!?

    I will keep reading...

  18. didn't update blog for 2-3 months!!!!!!
    man!!!! that is long...
    will miss ya..
    and driving,
    am 16 yet still i drive on roads, don't ask about license, in pak u can get away with anything. and i too am a highway driver, and a maniac one...

  19. @♫♪♥PhilO♥♪♫

    welcome to my blog:):) you too keep reading :):)
    thanks for the comment

    @Miss Teacher
    I love teachers :):) then join the club:P:P too :) thanks keep reading

    oh boy get a licence and dont be like me..its not safe outside there

    Thanks for the missing and seriously i'll miss u the most :):) safe and happy always :):)

  20. awwwwwwwwwwww!! don't say that....
    and i wonder how people manage anonymity....i can not manage it at all....

  21. @Chintan

    =( oh you can manage it :P:P
    thanks btw

  22. The poor motorcyclist. I definitely don't want to be in his place ~_~

    As for you, you are not going anywhere for the next 40 yrs at least :)

    Stay Blessed ^_^

  23. shashank
    LOL,poor him..yeah you are rite ==''

    really? but i dont want to live that longer :P

    you too stay blessed

  24. haha. another amusing post. or maybe a get it in wrong way.
    anyway i'm a reckless driver too and i used to.... wait i shall keep that as secret. hehe


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