Sunday, September 11, 2011

It's here again...........

Love. It had come again but this time it’s not just ringing the doorbell. Its taking a whole new approach it’s banging on my door pathetically, begging me to open the door just this time. As a matter of precaution, I have double locked the door, closed the windows, make sure its air tight and the curtains were down too. I could feel a sense of accomplishment and assurance after I made the house looked almost abandoned and with lights off it should provide a clear signal that the occupant doesn’t want to be disturbed at all. I had even asked the newspaper boy to stop dropping by because his presence might provoke suspicions about my existence.

I’m not letting it to drop by again. I could never forget the way it messed up my home last time, it robbed everything that I had and leaves me dumb and quiet for several days. It caused a twist to my personality and I’m not comfortable with changes. The banging is getting stronger and I’m just going to ignore the calls as I wear my earphones and indulge myself in music. With the blankets on, I assured myself that I’m going to have a good night sleep today.

But to be honest a tiny portion of my heart just wanted to open the door again and let the air filled with love to blew me away from here…
where I just wanted to be that dumb and quiet girl again..
who was helplessly lost in the world of love..

I wish it’s gone and at the same time I wish it stays a little longer this time..maybe I will open the door again or maybe not…

When the future scares you,
Come back to me, to your past
where I’ll be waiting for you
with my both arms open…
you know very well,that you have a place to return :)

P.S: the knocking is still there …getting louder each night!!..shall I open it or just get back to the music..?


  1. ah...tough decision...
    it's obvious answer, but i will still say, follow your heart....your heart is the key to those locks...

  2. PS:- I have been away since long, missed reading many wonderful posts at your fantastic blog. I'll try to read and comment on all the post I missed. ^_^

  3. Oh Plug in your headphones and rev up the beats. Love, can wait until you are ready for it completely.
    Till then enjoy the music rather than facing it (music).

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  4. Philophobia stops you somewhere i can imagine that.
    If you have a confusion, plug in your earphones and Wait !
    True love never knocks at the door of your heart, it BREAKS the door and enter inside.
    :) :) :)

  5. All I can actually say is, follow your heart dude. open that door even though it can be scary as hell to let yourself become vulnerable to someone like that :)

  6. Ah the tiny part in u want to have while u shudder at thr recollections f the past. But wasnt it a lesson learnt and wasnt it good at times? You know wht u shud do...:)

  7. it will continue knocking until you're ready. don't force yourself.

  8. always keep an open mind but doors closed :)

  9. AAHH! You should definately OPEN THE DAMN DOOR, coz you never want regrets in life for missing an OPPURTUNITY.

    You never know whats in the FOLDS. Keep the door open but to avoid hurt, STAY IN YOUR SENSES THIS TIME.

    From last experience you should ONLY learn HOW NOT TO loose control over ur heart and situation. GO FOR IT AND OPEN THE DOOR.

  10. Sayyyyyy..please don't stop the music till you think you can't we have talked i guess :)
    tc cutie piesss.. <3 <3
    will be there no matter what..just go ahead and do what you like and desire :)

  11. @SUB
    Thanks heart is kinda weak here :):)

    thanks..Should I?

    hahaha..i guess i should let the sound get more LOUDER..aww..thanks..i always like to have around my blog <3

    is dat u outside the whole day??:P:P u should hv told me earlier,the door that leads to friendship is always open....c'mon in <3

    I always like the way u comment :):)oh yeah let the music gets louder ...and yeah love should a bit longer..but im sure not that long :):)and yes im enjoying the music

    Okay,now if that is FB status,i would have liked it''True love never knocks at the door of your heart, it BREAKS the door and enter inside''..then im waiting for it to break :):)


  12. @NIO
    oh dear..i guess im not opening the door as yet.=(

    @Red Handed
    yes i noe what exactly to do know..thanks and welcome TO MY BLOG..have fun around here:):)

    yes..let it knock,i'll open it when the time comes :)


    @Girl who believed in angel
    hey i like your name..I do believe in angel too :):)..
    Are you sure it's in? :P:P
    thanks and welcome to my BLOG:):)

    Yes im keeping an open mind,let the door closed for a while :):)

    welcome to my blog!!!

    do you really think i shld open it??but anyway im def keeping my senses this time ;):) thanks btw :):)<3

    Awwwww..lets enjoy the music now..wen i open it i'll sure let u noe!!!

    I know that you'll always be there for me <3<3
    hugs ..mishhhh you so much :):)

  13. oh, my bad, i was banging the wrong one,
    here i come.
    ta-da :D

  14. Wait.
    For you HAVE to be ready this time.
    Or you'll just hate yourself lest anything should go wrong.
    The music, let it take you under.

  15. @Priyanka not opening the door till im fully ready :):)

    exactly..let the music take me under


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  17. @ateeq

    aww..i just wanna say make urself at home..and mind it once u enter you are NOT allowed to leave..


  18. noe wat??? u are sweeter than sugarcane :):):)

  19. The future is not to anticipate and the past is not to remember. Maybe you should let your heart decide the present

  20. @shashank
    Thanks,well let the heart decide then :)

  21. wow.. damn awesome writeup.
    listen to that tiny part of ur heart. open the door!!

  22. @center
    thanks a lot
    haahah.yeahhhh im going to open it soon :D

  23. i pick randomly your post to be read and i really enjoyed this one. keep writing :)


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