Sunday, August 28, 2011

Yes LIFe is Unfair but You can always be Fair :)

When everything doesn't happen the way that you wanted,just lie down on your bed ,close your eyes and listen to some beautiful musics,it might not give a long term solution but it will give you a good night sleep.

When you wake up in the morning and feeling restless, just put your chin up and remember today might be the last day you live, so embrace the day with a smile.

When you feel like darkness is all you have around you, remember that you can always stand up and walk to the corner of your room to switch on the light.

When a friend kept on hurting you with his/her words, remember no one's perfect,at times you had been a jerk too.

When all the money in the pocket runs out remember God created you and eventually He will lead you to your way. 

When you feel as though life’s being unfair,remember of all the little moments that counts,it will make up for all your loss and you’ll realise happiness is just the way you put up.

When a loved one walks away from your life,remember to turn behind to look at those people who were waiting for your love all this while. As much as its important to look forward,sometimes you have to look backwards too..

When the path that you're taking gets longer and lonelier, remember to hum to your favorite song and let your own voice to accompany you..and you'll realize there's no better companion than you yourself..

When life gives you a thousand reason to cry,show life a thousand ways of how you survived!!!!


  1. That's the point, never let ur sorrows over rule you.
    and u all need to live is life, now what u think life is, matters.
    and just don't survive but live it,
    show your life that it can make you cry but it can not take ur smile away.
    even when i am in my worst mood or i am hell depressed i have got some jokes, some cracky stuff for me, it does not solves my problem but it does rises my mettle.
    it makes me feel good.
    here i wanna add one last quote:
    if u are born poor, that ain't ur fault but if u died poor, that is ur fault.
    no words for this post but hats off to it..

    and OMG, I AM NOT IN THE LIST on left side, the people u love :(

  2. yay!! you're the first to was a lengthy comment liked each word of it :):)

    yeah you are one interesting guy that never run of jokes...i like you that way..and please do me a favor..dont ever change happy always:):)

    Thanks for the quote and thanks for your lovely comment

    ..ohhh sorry i just updated my blog you are here..and always be here:):)

    Take care and may the angel arrives soon:):)

  3. Indeed. But when life gives a wrong turn to us, let's take it, a winding road :)

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  4. Oh I really need to stop being a pessimist. I just have so many things that go wrong that I take for granted the good things I have in my life.

    Ps I really liked the "unwrap a smile and leave some love" message :)

  5. haha like hazel I think I need to stop being such a damn pessimist. We're quick to forget about the good things and focus rather on the bad.

    I loved reading this :)

  6. hahahah, what if i tell u she is already here,
    but she is 27!!!! i am 16....that's why i hate this LOVE...
    I will post about it in my next post :D
    and, u just made this guy too happy, thank you for keeping me on the list, :D

  7. I can't agree more :)

    I have a thousand reasons to smile :)

  8. Your words of wisdom just poured in sunshine :)

    I adore this Bring It Awn attitude. It's rare and unmatched :)

    P.S: I love reading you too, Thank you!

    Love, Risha :)

  9. Life has difrrent shades it gives you happiness along with sadness... In time of hardship think about happy moment that you have... :)
    Nice one...
    Visit my blog--> Stay Blessed

  10. @Blasphemous Aesthete
    Yes indeed.The journey might be rough but it will lead us to our path :)
    Thanks for the comment:)

    Hi welcome to my blog:):)Exactly sometimes we have to look life at the brighter side..Good luck

    P.S: hey..thanks!!
    yes dear..we always want things that we dont have:(:(
    Thanks dear


    Whoaaaa..really..okaayyyyyyyy that's an interesting story,can't wait for your that case I have something similar to share too..lets see how your post is
    Thanks its my pleasure to make you happy:):)

    Hey dear thanks for the comment:):) Be happy alway and I hope you have more than thousands reason to smile

    @Ifra Khaliq

    @Risha Kalra
    thanks glad you like it

    awwww..thats so sweet of U:):) <3

    thanks dear

    Thanks for the lovely comment:):)
    Im glad you like it...

    you too stay blessed:):)

  11. idk.. Too perfect a picture to adopt...
    I would rather cherish the pain mixed with pleasure.. life is a journey, and adventures I seek :)

  12. @aakash
    as u wish aakash,if it makes u happy:):):)

    anyway..I agree life is indeed a journey and full of adventure and i wanna do it with a smile

    take care

  13. To me all that was posted above defined one word, HOPE. :)

    Stay Blessed ^_^


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