Friday, August 19, 2011

SHe,Me and a Whole Load of crap..

I’m missing the old me, the kind of person that I was a year ago. I guess SHE’s missing right now and I have no idea how to get her back to myself. I admired her truly because SHE had the courage to challenge the destiny, SHE decides what SHE wants in her life and SHE knew exactly how to fight for it. I miss that SHE who doesn’t give a damn about what others were thinking of her. I still remember her walking all through from hostel which is miles away to the class located on top of the hill because the campus bus wasn’t enthusiastic SHE was!!!

And I miss that SHE who will be sitting at the café for hours with just a glass of cold chocolate with a bunch of awesome friends and give marks for all the cool guys that passed around them!! And I miss that SHE who goes late to almost every class and walks out of the class with her ever famous cheeky smile without getting scold because her lecturer loves her :P:P

SHE got her own style of dressing up, and SHE knew SHE’s perfectly alright and looking awesome in that T-shirt and the denim jeans. SHE hated so much when guys stares at her and the same time SHE was totally has a crush on one of her young tutorial lecturer. Her friends looks at her weirdly because SHE kept taking extra subjects even when it wasn’t required by the university, her only reason was to learn as much as SHE can before SHE gets out of university. For her education was everything and that was also the reason SHE gave away a lot of things in her life.

But now that SHE was gone leaving me alone with ME.A totally Lame girl who doesn’t know what to do with her life anymore. SHE had neglected all her casual wear and now totally dress up in a ladylike way because that is what expected from her. The new ME is not enthusiastic about life anymore ..ME takes life as it comes, just following the stream and ME has no idea where it’s leading to…

And ME had forgotten her awesomely cute tutorial lecturer because the new ME found someone else to inhabit her heart. And that someone is one heck a crazy guy which ME has no idea why ME falls for him in the first place. That He is changing her in the way ME doesn’t want to be. That He is revealing The other side of me to ME..and ME doesn’t like when someone else invade her privacy circle but at the same time the new ME is enjoying each and every moment with him..

In a nutSHEll, This ME had turned into a complete idiot ..and all Me needs is SHE..If SHE comes back to ME ..then ME will be perfectly alright!!!

Confusing nah..well my neurons are more confused than you guys

P.S :Well I guess this is what growing up is all about…and guess what???? life iS STILL wonderful :P:P


  1. SHE must be ME again.
    Because SHE sounds a lot better than ME.=D

    Haha xD
    I loved reading this fantabulous post. =D
    If Growing-up is about changing one's personality then I don't want to grow up =p

    And Yeah, live's wonderful, so are YOU!
    Have a great weekend!

  2. Strive for the SHE so u can get out of ME !
    Growing up doesn't mean to change your self !
    Well i guess u let the inner child in u die !
    Best of Luck for finding SHE again !
    Have a great Life :)

  3. Hey there!
    Whether its SHE or ME, I'm sure both of them are unique in their own way.
    If SHE has changed to ME, then its your decision to change. Change or not to change is in your hands :-)
    But make sure, no matter SHE or ME, just love yourself.
    You are Awesome, either way.


  4. You know it girl... everytime you write it brings on a smile... keep writing.. and yeah.. change is the way of life... so me-she you're awesome either ways :)

  5. Then let there be a rendezvous between the ME and the HER once more.
    But the fact still remains that both of Yous have Yourself as common, so basically nothings changed. Dresses matter? Na!

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  6. i see, SHE & ME, as a same part of long as life is wonderful, enjoy that fun of confusion :)


  7. if this me is so cool, i surely wanna se that she back
    and life is change.
    all we need is to fit in and complete the puzzle,
    be yourself and be proud of who u r. :D

  8. you`ll prolly find many more she(s) & me(s) as you proceed with the journey of growin up- =)
    stay wonderful!

  9. You know what? As long as it's YOU, it doesn't matter if it's SHE or Me. trust ME. =D

  10. u have been awarded at my blog, :D, get it:

  11. Awwwww.....Yeah..its part of growing up...but things need to change with time

    Be positive gal

  12. sure SHE was good,
    but SHE was.
    ME is your now.
    You should always be proud of what you are, more than what you "was".

  13. Sheldon-"You're a lucky man, Leonard."
    Sheldon-"You're talking to one of the few men in the western hemisphere who's capable of following your train of thought."

    Well written :) :)
    Do drop by and feel free to lambast my first post :)

  14. @hamza
    Yes right???..SHE is a lot better than ME..misses SHE so much
    Thank You Hamza,your presence here somehow light up this place:D
    I doesn’t want to grow up either..i just wanna be like Peter Pan =P
    Thanks too have a wonderful weekend!!

    @Mohammed Saqlain
    I don’t know about ME in the real world, but the inner child inside me is pretty much alive in this blogger world..
    Thanks for the awesome words and I really love you this time *wink*
    Oh of luck to me..SHE will certainly reveal herself at the time ME needed her the most
    You too have a double triple greater life :D

    @The Updater
    Hi dear
    Yes you’re so true..they are unique in their own way,and changes are inevitable..but I hop e I’ll have better control of my life
    Thanks for being here..and thanks for the lovely comment

    @I am she
    Im glad that I bring smile to you..and oh yeah..the only thing that I love the most is this blog and I will keep writing and you too keep commenting..okay??
    Thanks a lot..u make me smile with ur comment

    @Blasphemous Aesthete
    Yes at the end of the day,we belongs to the same person..that’s very thoughtful of you..thanks for the comment…

    First of all welcome to my blog,Life’s wonderful and im enjoying every moment of this confusion..thanks for the comment

    No doubt,SHE’s much cooler than ME…thanks for the thoughtful comment and thanks a bunch for the award..I already let you noe how I felt after reading your words…

    Welcome to my is so nice to have you here..agree with you..there will be a lot of phases that i have to encounter in my life!!

    You too,stay wonderful :):)


    I trust you..I am Myself after all!!!
    Thanks for the comment and stay YOU

  15. @Nikita

    Thanks for the encouragement..ME will try to stay positive :):)

    Thanks for the comment and wish you best of luck in ur life:):)

    thanks aquib..yeah..rather than thinking of my past,its important to cherish the present ME

    thanks for dropping by:):)

    hey there
    thanks for the Sheldon quote's
    and thanks again for the comment..coming soon to invade your blog:):) take care

    Thank you all for the wonderful words..You guys make my day..thank you being here for you all

  16. Thanks for ur lovely compliment :)
    I Love u too ;) :P

  17. There are times when we are a little lost and lose connection with self. Keep your cool and take life as it comes and soon you will find her talking to you.
    Cheer up!

  18. Sh@s

    Hey there
    Yeah exactly..;( i will..and I like the way you commented

    Thanks for the comment :):)

  19. Hahaha I loved reading it :)

    The combination and the transformation of SHE and ME :P

    Well i am your new follower. Hope you follow back :)

  20. @Hi Iman

    yeahhhh..confusing transformation and combination :P

    Thanks for the following..and HERE i comeeeeeeeeeee:):)

  21. I think ME shouldn't go back to SHE. Times are different and different times need different ways to tackle life. Rather ME should transform into something much more better than SHE.

    Tell me if you understand this.

    Stay Blessed ^_^


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