Wednesday, August 31, 2011

God is love and love is God

We go places on pilgrims to seek God. Some spend bucks on a journey of self discovery so that they can find God within themselves. Some are even willing to leave their career, family and loved ones behind to the places that they never heard of, to a place faraway from their home. 

But…we often failed to realise that God is just right here, in front of us and within our selves. I see God in the face of an adopted child who unconditionally loved his sister without realising that she’s not his blood after all. I see God when I saw a Dad beaming with pride when his daughter walks through the convocation hall and receive the honourable degree as he’s someone who never stepped into a school before.

I see God when I saw tears in a mother’s eyes when she realised that she had raised a prince very well that will never fail to take care of her forever. I see God when a teenager repent over his mistake and promised never to repeat his mistakes ever again. I see God when I see a newly married couple walking with arms paired along the seaside with a promise that they’ll never be apart from each other. I see God when I saw my niece hugged me in her sleep. I see God when my little cousin held me tightly after she wakes up with a nightmare. I see God in myself when I send out prayers for a dear friend who is in need of blessings. I see God in a smile of a child.

God is right here in the name of love, showing us humans that love is everywhere, you just have to seek it with both arms open. Most of the time, life doesn’t fail us; indeed we are the one who failed life. Life will be wonderful if we realise that God lives in each of us within ourselves and guiding us every second. He created you and he’ll never leave you alone.

Who said God can’t be seen? I see God every here and then.. Sometimes we can feel the greatest love in something that is unseen. Whatever religion that we believe on, the purpose of life is the same.

There’s nothing greater in life than to be in love and to be loved.  v(0_0)v

P.S : I'm suppose to come up with the other post but I ended up writing this one :P..well im someone who never stick to my plan but anyway its Eid in Pakistan and India eid mubarak once again


  1. Thats why they say He's omnipresent :)

  2. God is everywhere, in everyone, a part of him perhaps.
    Why go out into wilderness to seek what is always within and around. Maybe they need a different eye :)

    Nice post.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  3. that's what happens with me too, i sit with laptop a mood and something else is typed :) and god indeed is everywhere...eid mubarak...
    and have you heard what bulleshah had to say about god :)

  4. Very true.. :) :)
    God is everywhere.. :D Beautiful post! :D

    Hope your Eid celebrations went well :D

  5. @~Serendipity~
    Yes he is:):):)

    @Blasphemous Aesthete
    Maybe they need a different eye:):).....thanks you

    @Chintan we have similar prob :) yes he is..thanks for the wish..never heard of..but im gonna google it:):)

    Thanks Viya
    It went well :):)

  6. a very beautiful post : ) God is truly love and love is god. Well said!

  7. Love every word upthere,
    and yes god is love and love is god, indeed the most beautiful statement.

  8. Trust me its my favorite topic of discussion "GOD" :)
    I love to talk over it endlessly !
    My mum always say that GOD reside in our heart and as we know its the heart which loves and automatically it proves LOVE is GOD and GOD is LOVE !!

    Awesome post :) Love it !!

  9. god is the basic ingredient of life... god is need to go nowhere to find is a sure way of realizing that....great post...


  10. we are literally spiritual children of God. thanks for the post

  11. And now god has come to your blog ;)

    Well written :) :)

    Thank you dear:):) Yes he is:):)

    @ateeq mughal
    Thanks for the lovely comment..May God bless you:):)

    @Reicha Ahluwalia

    You're so right..its my favourite topic too..and I like your comment:):)

    Thank you..when there is LOve,there is God:):)

    @j. littlejohn
    Thanks,He is everywhre:):)

    @The Narcissist
    Thank you:):)

  13. Well for a non-believer of god(the formless almighty) like me, there exist only two gods(whom we worship, follow religion of and have faith in), my mother and my father. And only their love is eternal, persists beyond the limits of life. Rest, changes with time, diminishes, evolves and ultimately ends in some cases.

    Stay Blessed ^_^


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