Sunday, August 21, 2011

CONFESSION Of A Little Angel

Dear mother,

Ma, I don’t know whether I have the rights to call you that or not, At least I would be able to call you ma here. It never crosses my mind that I will never be able to call you ma. My first cry seems to be a burden for you because I saw you crying helplessly when you first held me in your arms. My tiny body somehow felt heavy for your eyes.

Seeing you cried, I cried too. But then the emotions changed. Behind your hatred and cries I saw a weak smile curled at the corner of your lips. Maybe you loved me too and maybe I have a chance to live. But to my dismay, the moment was short lived.

 You wrapped me in a blanket as if I have to be hidden quickly before anyone saw me. In your eyes, I was the yield of the sin that you had committed. You claimed that you saw your past flashing through my eyes and that’s the reason why I shouldn’t be with you.

 Maybe, I shouldn’t been born after all and I never asked to be born too. Amidst the pain, I saw you rushing as if time had given you a deadline. You cuddled me and instantly I felt warm and cosy when you held me in your arms. I felt true love for the first time in my life ,yes mother, you the first person I had fallen in love with.

You took me to some place, and it might just take some moments but strangely I feel as though I was taken on the longest ride in my life. Yes it was indeed the longest day in my life which happened to be on the day I was born!  We arrived as you planned, and you placed me somewhere and you just walked away, without even a goodbye. Maybe it was easy for you to walk away, but it wasn’t easy for me to let you go. I was afraid and the only thing I knew was to cry. I waited for your return and I knew that I can’t wait any longer.

You didn’t come back indeed nobody came that day. The clouds were changing its colour and the sky started to weep as well. The sound of the rain overcame my voice. My tears were sinking behind the heavy downpour. I cried ..cried ..cried and then I smiled..

The longest day in my life had just ended.

If I knew that this would be the ending, I will never have had hoped for a beginning

I was lost and abandoned, but now safe and sound in God’s arm.

Ma,if you still thinking about me,I just wanted to tell you  that I had forgiven you long ago…and thank you for giving me the very first taste of love!!..You had thrown me away from your life but remember I AM a part of you, the part of  you, that you can’t just eliminate  away from your life!!

Your little angel

P.S Every child has the inherent right to life itself. It’s overwhelming to see little angels thrown away just like that. Sometimes I think animals are more compassionate that human.

This post is dedicated to all the little angels out there,
You deserve Heaven more than here.

NoTe: This is my first attempt at writing a fiction.Although it is just a fiction, somehow the message is true and honest. Constructive feedback is very much needed and will be appreciated.Thank you in advance =)


  1. This is absolutely brilliant, and its pseudo fiction, since you're writing on behalf of a whole bunch of kids who faced a similar fate. Great job, keep writing :)

  2. Good piece of fiction
    Reading this reminds me about a true story of a boy called David
    The book is "A Child Called It" Written by Dave Pelzer

  3. This was the bestest post i read on blogger !
    I hope u write more like this !
    Unlike me :P

  4. A great attempt at fiction.
    Honestly, it's an amazing kick-off.
    Keep them coming.

    The Updater :-)

  5. Wow this was great to read!! You should do more of these (if you haven't already - lol im a new follower you see:p) but it was brilliant :D

  6. unwrap a smile and leave some love :D
    i haven't read so touching and so sweet post in my entire blogging life...
    hats offf....
    and a standing aviation. :D

  7. that was really touching...fiction that felt so real...


  8. A really heartfelt and touching post. Every child whether born of an accepted bond or a mere mistake isn't a mistake in being and has every right to live just like any other person.
    May justice prevail and no child is abandoned to succumb to the harshness of reality in desolation.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  9. Maybe it was easy for you to walk away, but it wasn’t easy for me to let you go.

    Its easy to make a mistake, but never easy to live it and make it right...

    its a sad way of world... i cant congratulate you here, for i am just too sad and wonder like hell!

  10. @Sushmit
    Thank you Sushmit,your words made me day =D and yes that’s the word!!

    @Faraz Ezazi
    Hi Faraz
    Welcome to my blog :D Thanks for the comment and thanks for sharing the title of the book..i will try to grab the book!!

    @äмän ♥
    Thanks dear <3

    @Mohammed Saqlain
    AWWWW..thanks that’s a compliment that I never expect..i was seriously nervous before posting this coz this is my first so happy that u liked it
    Nah…you are just doing fine,like to drop by your blog ;)


    @The Updater
    Thanks dear
    Thanks for the honest feedback...very much needed and appreciated too ;)
    I will try ;)
    Hey there
    Thanks a noe what I felt exactly the same when I read your 9 crimes..that post was really awesome that i have to say it here..thanks for the following..its an honour;D

    @ateeq mughal
    Thanks man
    That soooooooooo sweet of you..I’m glad that you liked it ..thank you very much

  11. @SUB
    Hey thanks for the comment ..and yes indeed it was a touching piece
    take care

    @Blasphemous Aesthete
    Hey seriously i was expecting your comment very much..thanks for the lovely comment:):)
    you're very true..may justice prevails and i hope there'll be no more little angels thrown away like that:)

    Hey dear..u're be right in some way, but in this context,an innocent child got involved because of a mistake which could be avoided in the first place:(

    im sorry to make you sad..hope u feel better :):)

  12. It is one of your best post indeed !!
    Keep writing,, I love to read them..

  13. @Reicha

    Thanks Reicha

    I will try..

    love you

  14. You gave your voice to that little angel... :)

  15. @Beyond Horizon

    Unheard voice..thanks for dropping by..i'm soooo glad to have u here :):)

  16. "Sometimes I think animals are more compassionate that human."

    I have read 5 articles to prove this

    But, I read in an edition of TOI that a tea-stall owner adopted a boy in Allahabad when his drunken father abandoned him in Ahmedabad. Interesting is the fact that the boy and owner belong to entirely different castes if you know what I mean. Makes me wonder there is still some humanity left in the world.

    Loved your post. Stay Blessed ^_^

  17. Omg...!! U have written every word that i hv gone through... I m surprised and shocked.. I mean how did u write that???.. I hv gone through d same when i was born.. But.. Then a passer by admitted me to an orphanage.. and my current parents adopted and made me what today i am.. the best.. the educated.. !! I m almost into tears..!! Girl u touched my heart.. This is exactly what i wanna ask d 1 who gave me birth...


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