Monday, August 8, 2011

Celebrate 'YOU'

I was taking a ride on the local bus the other day,as usual the bus was crowded with workers and a bunch of school-uniformed teenagers. As expected, the bus was so chaotic and noisy, but somehow I still managed to grab a seat and silently spend some moments with my book. Surprisingly, my eyes wasn't on the pages, but on more to the conversation that's going on between the teenagers. Okay fine!! I was actually eavesdropping them :/

I managed to get some glimpse of what they are talking,Okay here it goes, there were three students (two girls and one guy),I have seen them before,in the same bus but it was weeks ago,and I still remember them because they were making so much noise the other day too.

The guy made a jokingly remark about one of the girl's body weight,and surprisingly the girl fought back with a bet. She challenged the guy that if she doesn't reduce her weight in one month, she would've had her name changed to something else. She added that after she had reduced her weight and straightened  her hair,there'll be lots of guys queuing behind her..
I was like....

I don't know why I felt that way,maybe because I was expecting a different answer. For God's sake,there's nothing wrong with her appearance though, she has a normal body weight, i mean she looks perfectly healthy and she has a very beautiful curly which i find no reason to straightened  it and what make me angry when she's doing all this just to attract guys...LAME.!!!!

I can't blame her though, we were brought up that way. The definition of beauty is over-rated,like we already fix on our mind that beautiful people are someone who's tall,slim,fair and so on. Beauty has no definition. Everything created by God is beauty itself and you are beauty too because God hand-created you.

It's essential for us to concentrate more on the inner part rather than spending bucks on repairing the outlook appearance. 

For me, real beauty can be seen through eyes, felt by heart and touched by words

You are beautiful and so do I :) So celebrate your uniqueness and celebrate yourself!!!!

P.S :For every beauty there is an eye somewhere to see it.
P.P.s: I have to acknowledge  Viya and hamza for the awards,will do it soon :):) 


  1. yeah that was totally lame she was doing all for that guy, :/ i mean
    "kia mein mar gaya hn"? :P
    nyc post and wow i am the first to make a comment

  2. Candid post!

    Girls or Guys, both must be proud of what they are. Not of what they pretend to be.
    Girls go for makeup, bleaches and crash diets for guys, on the other side guys go hard on facials, steroids and Blah, blah blah.

    Oh, you can acknowledge the award(s) at your ease=D No pressure=p

  3. We can Thank GOD and appreciate his creation just by "BEING OURSELF"
    Changing the real me for someone else is like disrespecting the orinality, infact you lose yours...
    So just believe that you are perfect, infact in those eyes who loves you...

    I really like your post..!!
    Keep writing , Stay blessed :)
    take care..

  4. You are beautiful and so do I :) So celebrate your uniqueness and celebrate yourself!!!! - SOOO TRUE!!!
    I wish people would learn to love themselves the way they are than change for a passing by person.. Everyone is so unique in this world.. Whats the whole point in trying to be someone else and copying them?
    Loved the post! :D

  5. You are right. Every one is beautiful, in some way or the other. And I believe that how beautiful someone is cannot be judged from how he/she looks or others tell them to be. It's always a first hand experience that should matter.

    Nice read.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  6. Of relates to one of your posts..where you talked about being fair complexioned.You know its kind of age talk..they are mostly with such a decision cause of peer pressure or they are made to think that way from the society they have been living in.Anyway who all understand there worth are priceless beauty and surely know how to celebrate themselves..

    Let's celebrate cutie pie :)

  7. @Ateeq

    yeahhhhhhhh..that was LAME right??? Hmm..what does "kia mein mar gaya hn" means :P:P I dont understand Hindi/Urdu!!!

    woaaaaaa..yes you're..keep up the good work!!!:P:P

    heyyyy...yeah it's quite candid with lots of grammatical error as well :P:P
    yeahhhh..go for natural beauty :D

    and by the way thanks for the consideration =p

    hey welcome to my blog..
    hmmm..that's nice,just be yourself,because there's no one can't be you and vice versa

    Thanks for dropping by

  8. @Viya
    Exactly!!!!!we have to respect our uniqueness before expecting others to respect u..

    Thanks dear

    @Blasphemous Aesthete

    Thanks for the comment,glad that you think that way..lets celebrate our uniqueness :):)


    Yeahhh..this post is sort of like part 2..:):) maybe it just the age or the way they've been brought up...cant blame them though :/

    Lets celebrate darling :):)

  9. Boys were making fun of her. And she is a fool to do all those things.

    You may like reading this post. Though m not sure.

  10. What an Insightful writing again from you! Sweet Beautiful Friend :)

    "For every beauty there is an eye somewhere to see it" BEAUTIFUL WORDS!!!

    Sorry for not catching up lately :(

  11. Oh sorry, for that, i should have added the translation too,
    it means:
    "am i dead, that she would be getting beautiful for another guy".

  12. @Randeep

    Exactly...I thought the samw..its not worth it right?? hmmm

    Thanks for the comment,of course i would love to read it

    thanks friend

    @Beyond Horizon

    hiiiiii comment box has been missing you

    thanks friend,im just expressing my thoughts here

    Nahh...its okayyyyyyy =D


    hey HI again

    hahah...dont be ;)
    wow thanks for the translation..and now i got it

    ..and im laughing too

    take care =D=D

    ..and thanksssssssssssss

  13. Beautiful post :) i like your blog .. looking farwrd to read more
    Stay blessed :)

  14. Right!
    It all depends upon our mindsets, how we percieve things and there cannot always be a unity of thoughts or minds....therefore what matters most is to reconcile with the innerself!!!
    if that takes place then peace prevails and we might not want to change ourselves for someone else.....

  15. " It's essential for us to concentrate more on the inner part rather than spending bucks on repairing the outlook appearance. "

    Your message was indeed a true, good, beautiful one. We are what we are, and we sure as hell aren't something bad, because GOD created us. And God, for sure, does not create garbage.

    Thanks for following me.

  16. :)
    I have had similar thoughts a number of times.. It somehow ends up as 'being a wannabe' notion with most of us.. and sadly, all that the world sees is the skin, not an inch beyond that..

    btw this coincides with my area of research
    we call it body image distortion in psychology


  17. @aman dear,

    hey thanks a lot for dropping by and thanks for the following too =D

    @Usama Rehman

    You're sooooo right!!! what matters the most is the way we accept ourselves and its not worth it to do it for someone else

    hey there
    thanks for your comment and yes u are soo right,God doesn't create garbage and God never make mistakes ;)


    Good to see you here,exactly if only we all think the same way, the world will be a better place to live

    hmmm..psychology..very interesting..good luck with your research

    and thanks for the comment

    take care

  18. Assalamu alaikum.
    I feel for this girl. Maybe she grew up in a home where even her mother tells her she's fat. I did and I never became fat after high school. Please pray for her instead, that whatever insecurity she has, she can conquer it. :)

  19. @Hi aasiyah


    Nice thoughts which never occur on my mind!! Thanks for your beautiful comment:)

    Insha Allah,let us include her in our prayers :):)

  20. i like d frst post script.
    'For every beauty there is an eye somewhere to see it.'
    its a bit like wat ive often hrd- 'dont frown. u nevr kno whos fallin in love wid ur smile'

    tho abt d grl ur talkin abt, sumtyms ppl talk like dat jus cos dey r around deir frns u kno.
    v do a lot of bakwaas too. nevr really meant bt sed cos it feels rite in dat moment so i gues ur being a tad harsh dere :)

    contention tho is pretty valid.
    luk gud fr urself.
    sweet post :)

  21. Sadiya

    you got a nice name :):)

    yeah you may right in some way

    thanks for the comment

    and take care

  22. "Everything created by God is beauty itself and you are beauty too because God hand-created you"

    This is the LINE of your post :) <3

    Very well written.

  23. @Hi Iman

    Thanks a lot..

    thanks for dropping by:):)


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