Monday, July 11, 2011

The Wedding 0.o''

Okay the big news is that my brother’s wedding is coming soon, First of all it was really an uphill battle to convince my brother to get married. Everyone in the family got so excited but I am somehow being nervous because they’ll be another person sharing the same house soon. It’s pretty awkward for me but anyhow this is not the first wedding in our family. My sister was married years ago when I was a little kid, but it happened long ago,so the whole marriage thing is kinda vague for me.

We went to the bride’s house last night and somehow I felt all the attention drawn towards me. Maybe because I’m the groom’s little sister and maybe by being nice to me ensures that their daughter will be treated well in future. I would say that’s not even an issue after all and  anyways, even when they don’t treat me well, I will still have no problem with my future sister in law as I’m someone who minds my own business and I am girl too nah?

But anyhow I did enjoy all the attention and extra care that they paid towards me. I never know being in the groom side would be so much fun. But the most amusing thing that happened was when I saw my brother being so shy for the first time in my life. Gosh, I never saw him in that way. Generally speaking, he’s is quite a serious type and strict too, sometimes I find it quite hard to talk to him when he’s is in bad mood. Our conversation doesn’t even last for more than five minutes.

Maybe a marriage could reveal the better side of someone. Hmmm.. On the other hand I could see my future sister in law sitting there so nervously especially when she’s surrounded by all my cousins and all the aunties were concentrating on her hair, her appearance and so on. I felt as though  all the eyes that were staring at her have some kind of imaginary assessment box ( the kind that we use to have on the cover page of our test paper) where they constantly tick whenever the criteria’s are fulfilled. (Oh my God, arranged marriage is so freaking scary) Nevertheless, my cousin sisters had a good time teasing and joking with her. The marriage will be due in six months and all the preparations are going ahead time.

Hope all’s well ends well too. May this marriage last for a lifetime. God Bless them and I secretly wish that mine won’t be an arranged one because I find the whole arranged marriage thing to be quite scary as you have to please everyone and apart from the groom’s approval ,you might also need the nod from your husband to be's little sister. Not everyone can be like me right? Some people just love to mess up with other people’s business..:/


  1. Congratulations to you and your brother, and enjoy all the attention you are getting now. You might become the best friend to your sister in law in the coming days, just because you mind your own business. :)

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  2. Just love your Sis in law. Don't make her miss her home. Yeah you are a girl too na. And of course enjoy all the attention. This post took me back to my sisters wedding. Thanks.


  3. Congo to your brother! Enjoy all the attention you are getting...and shower all the love on your sister in law...someday even you're gonna be in the same place :)

    Take Care.

  4. @Blasphemous Aesthete
    hey there
    okaayyyyyyyyyy..double thank you for the double wishes :) so gonna enjoy all the attention while it last,hopefully so..coz i dont mind getting a new best friend

  5. @Randeep...
    I will try my level best to love her unconditionally..yes enjoying all the attention

    if that is the case, you are sooooooooo welcomed :)

  6. @Fatima

    Thanks a having fun with all the attention given to me:)Hopefully the wedding goes well and yeah,and hopefully God bless me when it happens

    TAke care

  7. Congratulations to you and your Brother! May your lives be filled with glee and bliss.
    And seeing my blog in your blog list.
    Thanks for following me =D

  8. @Hamza

    Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii there :)

    Thanks a lot friend,yeahhhhh i love your blog,quite hilarious...

    Thanks for the following toooooooooooo;) take care

  9. How I wish I had a sibling.
    Stay blessed you and your family and future to be relatives ^_^


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