Wednesday, July 13, 2011

She's my mother

Oh my God..I love my mother.she's a perfect lady..The reason behind all this loving words about my mother is because......

Okay,currently I am in my room, checking out some new blogs and busy commenting to their respective posts.and i heard some interesting discussion coming from the living room..At the moment, they are bunch of aunties in my house and they were discussing about my brother's wedding..So the much awaited (multi billion dollar question ) finally popped out.!!!! wat's you gonna ask as dowry????

The world is moving very fast, people are changing their mindsets and nowadays lots of girls are getting a decent education and they are becoming independant too-less depending on guys and having full freedom of deciding their own life!!! but still... people are still asking this kind of questions..especially women (to my dismay)!!!!

but I love the way my mother answered them..she answered ''i have two boys with me but never in my life i will ask for dowry'' sooo proud of her,oh yes she's someone who's still holding tight to her old beliefs but when it comes to women's mother is a modern thinker..And i love her more because of that..

p.s:love you mom :) and I think my future sister in law is a very lucky girl....

p.p.s: Cant wait for the wedding :):):)


  1. Sweet. Just hope you'll get a mother in law with a similar point of view. :)

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  2. Awww... the thought of having to give dowry or making the girl's parents pay for the wedding disgusts me so much!.. Wen 2 people are gettin married it makes more sense for both of them to share the cost..
    Infact i feel the guy's side shud be paying up.. :P aren't we all leaving everything behind and stepping into a new place with new people? ;) ...

  3. Your mom is AWESOME. And I hope you get a mother-in-law with similar perspectives.
    Dowry is just like begging.
    People without any ego and self-esteem ask for huge dowries from the girl's family.

  4. Its good to see people's mindsets are changing yet there are some people who are the same..and believe in all these rituals wch hold no base!

    Really good to know your mom holds these values and yes, your sis-in-law is really lucky...Hope you too are :)

    Take Care.

  5. @Blasphemous Aesthete
    Thanks...Hopefully :):)
    Take care

    Yeah AGREED..High five!!!! Guys side should be paying up all the cost :)
    Take care :):)

    Hmm..yes SHE IS..exactly, asking dowry is like begging,im glad that you have this perspective:):)

    Thanks dear,and hopefullly yes
    you too,take care

  6. dowry, in native language 'mela pan'. hate this dowry thing,
    i loved your mom's answer, i just wanted to see the looks on the faces of the rest of the women present in the room.
    i loved it

  7. Wow. Im surprised mothers like that still exist, im 17, and when something of this sort happens, I hope my mother says the same too!

    Btw thanks for the follow :D

  8. @ateeq mughal
    Hi there

    Haha..hmm I didnt get the chance to see their expresssion but I felt complete silence after my mom mentioned about the dowry thing
    thanks for the comment..:)

    @Guy From Karachi
    Oh yeah, my mom is one of them..Okay young man, make sure you have a say when that sort of things happen to you

    Mention not,take care

  9. Supercool Mom! :D

    Wel its true and somewhat annoying how can a woman not understand an other woman...when she too has lived through the same circumstances...its a chain that has to be broken.

    And enjoy the colorful preparations! :)

  10. @beyond horizon

    yeahhhhhhhhhh..she is totally cool

    Hmmm..its so weird that often or not,women themselves become threat to their own race :/

    lets break the chain

    thanks for the comment :):)

  11. Wow you have a great mom :)
    I'm loving that women are becoming more independent. We shouldn't have to depend on men for anything. *power to the women lol* (^^,)

  12. @Tay tay

    yeah she's my mother..and im soo proud of her

    Yeahh...high five *power to the women*


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