Sunday, July 17, 2011

Of Death-day and Birth-day \ (^_^) /

I have been thinking about death lately, but sorry to disappoint you guys…this post is not going to be on the emotional part of leaving the world and my loved ones..

what’s making me sad the most about dying is leaving those non-living things laptops,books,my study table,bed,clothes,shoes,watch,bag..and etc… I have been worrying about them lately..what will happen to them when I am gone..=/

I guess I should start making a will so that all my lovely belonging stuff will end up in the right hands..because all my stuff had been given 101% attention and they shall be continually given those attention even when I’m gone forever..but if I start talking about leaving wills and death, my mom will give me a kind of stare that will totally zip my mouth for at least one hour..[yes my mom could make me shut-up with her ever famous and powerful stares] I’m thinking of writing a will and hide it underneath my closet..:D

So you guys must have been wondering why this whole non-living things matters so much to me…well I would like to start with my laptop first,I bought IT with my own money and yeah my own HARD-EARNED scholarship its kind of like my first child and most importantly my laptop holds the darkest secret and the shiniest dream of mine and of course all the other silly details about me too,..SO if it’s ever falls in wrong hands, I will be dead even when I’m already dead.Got that????.Hence,its very important to safeguard my laptop….

Next will be my book collections...they are my companions for life..I don’t need anyone when I have my books with me..they keep me alive and make me feel like I’m they should also end up on safe hands too, they should take care my books as the way I would have done if I’m still alive. And to make things worse I’m the only bookworm in my family, so I don’t think they will understand the sense of belonging that I have with my books and….  I bought all the books by myself..with my again HARD-EARNED pocket money..I will rather die of starvation that selling away my books so no one should take them for granted;/

The other stuffs that I aforementioned above equally have its own unique story behind and they shall be treated with utmost care and love tooJ

The reason why I’m rambling about leaving a will and all the stuff about dying is coz I have just been reminded by jobstreet that I will be having my birthday in less than 6 far I have lived for 2# years, and I’m grateful to be still living..Out of sudden.I had this  thought that what If I don’t manage to live up to my next birthday. gosh..its creepy nah??!!! @_@
 [ So that was the reason!!!]

Anyone who’s willing to wish me a happy birthday, guys are most welcomed to do so in the comment box..remember: bE NICE,after all its my birthday  J

And…before I forget

Recently I have been reading these blogs,and I found out that these people are cool,superb awesome and at the same time freakingly funny and they have remarkable drawing skills as well..:)They don’t need a marketing executive for their blogs but they are sooo cool that I have to mention them what are you guys waiting for??? CHECK THEM OUT!!!

love you guys :):)

P.S : I should start writing a more professional will..


  1. Well would you mind explicitly mentioning the inheritors of your treasures, or should that be settled over some kind of gladiator fight? Or would it be a benefit of doubt and mention in the same post to the two bloggers here.
    But that is of course, the worse case,

    May you live as long as you like. :D

    Happy Birthday.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  2. nice!!
    hey dont forget me when u write about ur books in ur will :D

    Anyways HaPpY BiRtHdAy!!!
    Learn from yesterday, enjoy today, forget abt tomorrow!!

  3. You can think about me in your will..I assure you I will love your lappy and your books just like mine, you see I'm a very kind soul :D

    And so I'll be floating on cloud 9 if you nominate me...but yes if you take the offer back then well don't worry I won't harm you...not a creepy stalker you see :P

    Wishing you a very Happy Birthday!
    Enjoy :)

    Take Care.

    P.S: Oye I've been commenting here since such a longgg time and huh I don't even know your name, what is it btw ??

  4. happy birthday! ♥
    thanks for mentioning my blog in your post, i'm glad you like it :D you are really sweet.
    following you!

  5. Haaapppyyy buuuhhdaay!!! :D :D
    and omg! i can totally relate to the books.. god! i really wanna know where i can pass on my books to after i move on to the next world.. :|

  6. Happy Birthday. May you live up to a thousand years and your life be full of bliss and glee=)
    And you mentioned me in your post! WOW.
    You now how cool is that?

    PS:- My drawing skills are nil,when compared to the other blogger mentioned =d She's "awesomer"=D


  7. Hey belated b'day wishes :) Dont think about anyone who commented above when u write about the books in ur will. Just send those to me.I will love them more than my wives and kids(btb i'm single now).

    I wrote one post similar to this a few weeks ago. But I'd to remove it. If you r interested I can send u tru mail. it was actually a e-will ;)

  8. Lol :D well then I am like you, i worry about my laptop, my books and the most important my diary!!! Nice post!

    Your blog is very nice :)


  9. And I am grateful for adding my blog to your list :):) Thank you :)

  10. Forgot wishing you b'day :) :) Though belated...

  11. Hi!! :D

    Do stop by my blog.. :) You've been awarded! :)

  12. @Blasphemous Aesthete

    Well...the future inheritors should have certain qualifications met before I pass them all my treasures..I guess Im still looking for the right one!!! :P

    And I'm already sensing some kind of gladiator fight in my comment box...:P:P

    P.S: May I live as long as I wsnt..Thanks fren

    @Usama Rehman

    Hey..first of all,thanks for the following
    Alright,I will keep you in my mind when the time arrives...

    Thanks for the wish :):)


    Hahahah..I know you're very kind soul,I'm very sure my treasures will be well taken care of,but you have to fly to malaysia to take my things with you!!! How's the deal? will you??:P:P

    Anyway,thanks for the wish...

    P.s:Just call me Aleeya..or you may also call me sweetie,cutie,honey ..etc if you wants too:P:P:)

  13. @Furree Katt


    You're here..welcome to my blog!!!!And I really love your blog,so mention not

    And thanks for the wishes,and thanks for following too:):)


    Hi darling..Thanks a lot for the award..:):)
    And of yeah..start thinking about your inheritors!!!!

    thanks for the birthday wishes too



    Cant help it.your bloggggggggg is tooo awesome

    Thanks for the wish although thousand years seems to be too long,but anyways ur drawings are cool and cute!!!

    Stay cool and write cool stuffs

  14. @randeep
    Thanks frend..but you have to compete with the others,you know..the competition's getting tougher but anyway since you have an e-will as well,lets exchange our's dat???

    You will love them more than your wife and kids?? Gosh,then certainly i will be thinking about you!!

    P.S: I would love to read thatttttttttt!!! My email

    Email meeeeeeee


    Hi..welcome to my blog
    I have been a quite follower of yours but I guess I will be more active on your blog soon

    Pretty much,everyone's worried about their lappy and books

    Thanks a lot for the wish.keep smiling :):)

    @Viya:Thanks again <3

  15. i never ever had a thought that what would happen to my laptop when i would die, but once i thought that who would update the status on my facebook page that ATEEQ died=P
    loved the post and happy birthday. :D

  16. Haha..ateeq,I guess others will help you to update your FB status =P

    thanks for the comment and thanks for the wish too :):)

  17. this couldn't get more interesting, Every girl should follow your lead and make a will of her lovely treasured belongings :)
    nice work dear :)
    A very Happy Birthday :)
    Love, Ayushi :)

  18. Aleeya! CUTE NAME!

    You have been awarded at my Blog!!!!
    Go check it out.
    Your number is (37)

  19. hey i know i'm really late... sowie... was held up with exams... so belated wishes for ur b'day.. hope u had an awesome one.. well.. a will eh.. sounds interesting.. never thot of it before.. :)

  20. Heyyyyyyyyyyyyy cutie pie
    after such a longtime i drop in to comment on your blog :D
    Oh! will sounds fun,interesting and after sometime boring :P
    Yeah of course you don't know if you will live for your next birthday but who can say about the next even :)
    These are just the bothering when you are on the place called earth when once you are gone with the shall be at full ease with just the clouds :D :P

    Wished ya already ;) !
    write some more i am waiting =)

  21. @ Hamza

    Hey thanks a bunchhhhhhhhhhhhhhh....

    Hahha..its okay dear,better late than never:)
    Hope you are doing great
    Take care



    Let's see how far I'll survive :P:P

    Thanks darling

    Love you

  22. You have a beautiful mind. I don't think you should use it on matters like death

    Stay Blessed ^_^


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