Friday, June 10, 2011

When Love Speaks :)

Is that true?
That I’m in love
My heart blooms
With you in every words
Don’t you know?
That I’m in love too
You are the only flower
That caught my heart!

Is that true?
You’ve filled up the space
That was vacant for years
The heart is finally hired
And now it beats only for you
Don’t you know?
That my heart aches now
Coz it’s beating for two
Since our eyes locked
The heart serves only for you!

Is that true?
That I’ve known you for years
When it was only yesterday
Maybe it was you
The one in my dreams day and night
          Don’t you know?
That this bond is for ages
Now that I’ve found you
I’m holding you tight
And I’m not letting you slip again!

Is that true?
I’m a dancing butterfly
Flying without wings
Sprinkling the love potion
While swirling in the sky                      
Don’t you know?
That I’m your wings
We will cross the seven skies
 And I give my words, even in dark
Our shadows will be walking together!


  1. This is beautiful. A question and an answer, equally melodic. :)

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  2. I just am so mesmerized by this post of yours..have never read something so lovey dovey from you ever cutie pie..Loveeeeeeee you! (and your post ;)


  3. Loved the way they contradict each other,.. utterly romantic..


  4. @Divya R Rao
    Thanks dear :)

    @Blasphemous Aesthete
    Hey fren
    Glad that you like it :)

  5. @Alcina
    First time im writing something soooo lovie dovie :)Thanks dear..I love you more (hugs)

    @An Ordinary Gal
    Thanks dear

    Thanks you im soo glad that you like it

  6. so romantic wish it was true right, or is it??

  7. Nice one. Luved it :)


  8. beautiful she , and lovely he, made me smile.. :) :)

  9. Its romantic...and I'm feeling like crying...I hope I can cry...its been ages I think I last cried and its equally painful to hold back tears when u feel like crying..and they don't fall also... sorry for the sad comment on such a lovely melodious happy poem...but off lately loves making me want to cry...

    Take Care.

  10. @Unruly Rebel

    hey Thanks fren :)

    Hey you are hereeee!!

    Thanks a lot for the lovely comment..I'm soooo glad that you like it
    Dont be sorry dear,It happens some time
    Take care dear:):)

  11. Actually you changed the url of the blog and I wasn't following this I though you weren't updating... but now I'm following you again :))

  12. ohhhh..yep I changed the url..its okay dear and thanks for the following again <3

  13. This isn't speaking, it's actually singing

    And so melodic

    Loved this post

    Stay Blessed ^_^

  14. @shashank
    Thanks sings yes you are right :)


  15. thats so beautifull it made my speechless
    :) <3 (:

  16. Love is true, while you hold it.
    If you believe, that's true.

    Love was gone, while you release it.
    If you don't believe, that's gone.


  17. WOW! LOvely! This has to be one of the cutest poems i have read!Ever!

    My world, my thoughts, my musings...

  18. this is fake love is not mean that you love any guy and all doing things which never done in ur whole life and u safe for her/his life partner....
    i just want to say that dont love any body just love ur self , ur mom-dad ur family and love which person whose loves u with full of truly soul not her/him whose love only ur body
    thnku so much
    aish chopra


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