Monday, May 23, 2011

What's the big deal?

What's there in  skin color? Does it matter what color someone has? Does it show the characteristic of someone? Okay,what are colors? Colors exist in different type.Red,yellow,blue..just to name a few. So skin colors are just like those colors.We can accept different colors in life but then why we tend to discriminate people who have dark complexion?If you can accept red for your curtain  and green for handbags,why can't you accept someone with dark complexions? They just have different type of color than us! So what's the big deal?

Recently I have came across someone who make a very immature remark on skin color.According to that person,educated girls don't have fair complexion and fair looking girls are not educated meanwhile the other side are expecting a girl that comes in a package! But what's even more appalling is that most of the 'educated' guys (by the way,they're few exceptions) making way for their parents to make this kind of  mistakes!!!So there's no difference between these people and those early American who discriminate the Africans.

Even babies are not spared from this issue. As soon as a child is born,the first question that would be asked is whether the baby is fair or not,not even what gender the child belongs too!!!One of my aunt actually applied Fair & Lovely cream to her newborn because her baby has dark complexion.=.=''''

And the cosmetic manufacturers are not helping at all.They often display advertisement that shows the  fairer looking girls are more appealing and will receive more marriage proposals than the dark skin girls.

So,this is what we gonna teach our children?

I guess its the time for us to act like humans,real humans..


  1. Somewhere on facebook, I read this as a friends status.

    I wish eyes came with photoshop installed

    And its so, so true.
    Nice post, though I don't discriminate in babies and even that thought seems ridiculous, I can't assume to be a fair man.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  2. Nicely said, but if you see it will be the women who are ones to discriminate, simply to say we do it to ourselves..
    and if you go back, its the parents (reason for the color) not the baby... but who really see the feelings
    i have 3 boys and all three different shade..
    its da way we accept... you are so right in what you said....

    Have a smile

  3. @Blasphemous Aesthete

    I wonder how would it be if our eyes installed with photoshop,maybe there would be less controversy!

    Nice line anyway:)

    Thanks... and the last line of yours makes me to think

    Take care and I am glad to have you here


    Hey there

    Thanks dear,yeah..exactly..sadly the women are the one who initiate all this..

    Blame it on the genes,but does it really matter in the first place?
    Every colors are beautiful,we just have to embrace this fact.:)

    Take care,say Hi to your boys:)

  4. You know i typed my comment two times over here but to no avail they wont take it i tried the day you posted this so again trying today :P hopefully now it doesn't eat up my comment ..and you know the most silly thing the two times i wrote it i didn't copy it so that in case it gets lost i can write it again..anyway enough of info :P

    let me begin now :D ..
    The only conscious effort from our side can be that we don't support such norms and slogans and make people around us also understand to do the same and more than that we can't do anything as we have control on our perceptions and ideas but not on others..

    Gosh! hearing about your aunt i was appalled as well ad laughing out's serious and should be taken into consideration that how from the beginning ages only small babies are in competition :P :/

    And about the Advertisement companies they just do it according to the societal norms and thats what makes them earn money and the ad designers also the same.

    Real human beings are hard to find dear..the world is rules and owned by the people wearing face masks..if you wish to be real you can be and true to yourself and give a satisfaction to your own conscious...and if you wish to be a fake person you may enjoy some privileges and gamble a bits of life here and there but really you won't have a life which you could be happy of.

  5. I can see beauty of cactus that stands in a desert,
    I can see the beauty of a charcoal that gives birth to most beautiful Diamond.

    People grumble that roses have thorns,
    But I am happy that the thorns have the beautiful roses with them...

    Beautiful things are not always good,
    But good things and people are always beautiful...

    So I dont judge anyone by its color, Its the way we look...after all "Beauty lies in its Beholders eyes"...Isn't it?

    Wonderful write up :)

  6. LoL :p

    First of all,allow me to curse Google on your behalf for all the inconvenience which befalls you.Gosh you really had a hard time,don't you?I face it twice too,when I have to rewrite back those comments.

    Yup dear that's the only thing we can do,hold tight to our principals and be the change that we wanna see in the world

    Exactly..and nowadays little gals also carried away with all this..:/

    At least we can be true to ourselves,it certainly makes a difference

    Take care honey

  7. @Beyond Horizon.. are here....:D

    Wow,that's a beautiful poem..:)
    Yes,dear..we shouldn't define beauty in term of body shape,skin color and so on.Real beauty is something more than that and can only be seen with the heart..

    take care

    Take care

  8. Hey! I have been reading your blog for sometime now. It's interesting :-)
    And oh, kudos to the wonderful post, made a lot of sense! More of an awareness :-)

  9. @Divya

    Thanks for dropping by:)
    Im just scribbling from heart here:)

    Btw,thanks for the following too:)

  10. Good thoughts. There's documentary called Dark Girls, check it out.

  11. @Peaches Ledwidge
    Hi dear!!!
    Thanks for the comment:)
    I would say its an awesome documentary
    thanks for sharing :)

  12. It's more like hypocrisy than segregation ~_~

  13. verily agree with you. so sad to digest the fact that those primitive-minded people do exist in our league.

    nice sharing. :)


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