Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Something beautiful.:)

Dedicated to that special someone and not forgetting my lovely blog friends too.....Alcina and Beyond Horizon.

Today, I need you to……………..

Read my silence,
When the words are gone

Hold my hands
When I’m all alone

Teach my heart to dance
Without a tune

Bring me to the light
When I’m all wrapped up in the dark

Wipe my tears
As I wiped yours

And today, I thanked you ….

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You showed me the sunshine
When I’m lost in the rain

You gave me words
When I couldn’t be heard

You made my day
When you kept me in your prayers

You touched my heart
When the going gets hard

A stranger, you might be
But somehow this bond last for eternity

P.S : Thank you for being here....



  1. Oh god gracious that was such a beautiful something :)
    But all is i wanna omit out above from there is the thanks..when you call us friend then don't thank and make our friendship look understand what i mean to say?
    Keep opening you would get tired of opening up the boxes but at the end there would be a surprise(i mean it for each day hehehe.. :D )
    Will read your silence..hold your hands..just put you to the beats cause you already know how to dance ;)..bring you to light..won't let the tears come :) ...

    And of all will cherish this friendship :)

    take care
    keep smiling always..

  2. Hahaha..glad that you like it
    Thanks for the beautiful comment

    I will cherish this friendship too :) :D

    Take care,
    Smile always :D

  3. Hey there....

    I am so glad that you like it!!!!
    Thanks for the friendship:D
    Me too,will cherish this friendship

    Smile always :D :D

  4. lovely rhyme :)

    Thanks for following my blog :)

  5. awesome... i loved the last lines specially 'a stranger u mite b..but somehpw dis bond will last for eternity' something i can connect to :)
    Keep writing :)

  6. Beautiful poem.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and following.


  7. @An Ordinary gal

    Mention not..thanks for the following too!!

    @I am she
    Hey there
    Glad dat u like it!!! I have met some lovely friends here..Thanks to

    Thanks :)

    Hey there,nice to have you here..You have a lovely blog
    Thanks for the following too :)

  8. That was a cute tribute to the special someone and to two lovely ladies of this blog world.

    Nice read.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  9. Blasphemous Aesthete
    Hey there
    thanks for the lovely comment!

    they deserve more than that:)

    Take care :)

  10. so well said... like deep within... yes we meet some like that... and carry on with us ....

  11. @siddhartha

    Hey there
    Thanks for the comment!
    Much appreciated

    Hi dear,thanks,It came straight from the heart:)
    Some strangers would be remembered forever
    Take care:)

  12. Beautiful words....

    loved it..

  13. sweet, eloquent delivery of friendship sentiments.

    keep it up.........

    join us and make new friends today.

  14. @Promising Poets Parking Lot


    I will...:)

  15. I will be there for you,
    When You feel lonely,
    I may not be able to hold your hand,
    or wipe your tears,
    But now we are bonded with this precious
    relation FRIENDSHIP...
    So remember I care for you.
    I wish that SOMEONE SPECIAL be with you
    Till Eternity...

    We are no longer strangers anymore,
    You are in my prayers,
    You are in my wishes,
    Whenever the going gets hard,
    Know it,
    I will always be with you,

    Thank you so much for the sweetest dedication, and love :)

    Lots of Love to you too...and am sorry for coming late

  16. @Beyond horizon

    Awwww...that's something beautiful

    You touched my heart with your words

    Thanks dear,your words make my day:)

    No problem dear,I know you have been very busy

    Take care and you too,keep smiling:D

  17. It's sweet and kind of you to say :)

    and I would like to say a big Thanks to Blasphemous Aesthete too for that lovely comment :)


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