Saturday, May 7, 2011


Officially, I have just ended my three years of degree life few hours ago. That means no more exams, lectures, viva and etc Therefore I am now completely detached from studies…but I have just added myself to the category of unemployed graduates.(L)
It was truly an uphill battle. I still remember the first day of my arrival here. Everything was new and there were lots of dreams too. I thought everything will be so cool, first time being away from family and I started to built lots and lots of dreams. Unfortunately,everything’s changed. I realised that not all dreams will come true, not all words will be heard and it’s ‘amazing’ how people change their masks everyday. Yes I will be missing this place but a part of me just can’t wait to get out from here.

Some random facts about university life:

  1. Some lecturers are not as brilliant as you think they are 0.0
  2. On the contrary, some lecturers are not as stupid as you think they are.0.o''
  3. Yes, the hostel is haunted. :s
  4. Mom’s dhal and fried egg tastes much more better than the café’s fried chicken
  5. Don’t ever complaints mom’s cook. Remember, karma will play it’s part
  6. It’s a disaster when the cleaners held a strike,
  7. There are two types of people; one that spent hours and hours in shower and another who don’t shower at all.
  8. I get some friends for life, and as complementary a bunch of enemies as well.
  9. The best place to hide from your room mate is the library.(She’ll have no clue at all)
  10.  It’s weird when your room mate watches everything that you do.
  11. The earliest that you can sleep is at
  12. I realised that human could still survive without sleep for 24 hrs.
  13. Research  S**** ( Now, I know why Einstein has weird hairstyle)
  14. You can walk faster that the campus bus….
  15. .............................
I think I should stop here before the lists get longer!!!!!
One of the things that I cherished the most is the freedom that I get from my university life. Seriously, you can’t get it anywhere else. Here, no one will stop you from anything and you are on your own. But freedoms do come with a price, I started to neglect my studies and it was quite hard to make a comeback but I have managed it somehow. But one thing for sure, I have started to appreciate every little things and only today that matters the most, neither the past nor the future.

P.S: Have a good day everyone J


  1. Good day to you too :)

    Trust me when you think that the studies are over they are just getting a lot bigger :P

    Though i ain't experienced but my sixth sense or what you call intuition says so :P

    All the best and you will get a job soon..had a nice time reading the list..and if it would had have got longer i would have loved to read it on and on..

  2. A good compilation and an interesting read!!

    All the best for the journey ahead.

  3. @Alcina
    Hey there,
    Yeah,it's gonna be more complicated than uni life!!!
    Thanks and all the best to you too..
    P.S:Give me ur email id....

  4. @Vyankatesh
    Thanks for the comment

    all the best to you too :)))))

  5. the facts that should be experienced by everyone. though I havent but learned them from my friends who do :)

  6. Now I wanna cry... :( :(
    I've still 2 more years left to complete my degree course and I'm already bugged koi bacho mujhe...and har roz local k dhakke...I wish my long desire of hostel cud have been fulfilled.. :) guess something never happen the way you plan!!

    And by the way ma'am enjoy till you can..waise masters or job ??

    Take Care.

  7. @Fatima
    Hahahhahah..sorry to make you cry:P

    Trust me,enjoy your two years to the max,
    Well,I think I do understand those Hindi words but not dat sure..something about food right??
    Hostel life is the best one could have..:))))
    Am looking for a job right now,i guess i have answered your question quite well..sorry dear i dont Hindi that much..=.='''''

    take care,it's nice to have you here

    P.S: I guess I shld start learning Hindi

  8. ha ha.. nice... well i've got one more year n no matter how much i want dis to end as soon as possible... i know that i will b the one crying my heart out wen it's time to leave..

  9. I am she,

    Hey..thanks thanks :D

    Haha...The exact feeling that I had one year ago..But..I guess,I am already missing my uni life :(

    Enjoy the moments,dear :)

  10. The end of college life sends chills down my spine. I wasn't so scared even for the end of school days :o

    Hope you have a wonderful future. Stay Blessed ^_^

  11. lol at no 7. just agree with the list. hoho


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