Wednesday, May 18, 2011

RandomNESS 2

Oh my God,I have no idea what's happening to me? I mean,I have been doing nothing at all! What happen to the long to-do-list that I had months ago. What happened to the promises that i made to myself,when I was so depressed over FYP! I thought of catching up with my lovely friends,read lots of book, go on a vacation but I couldn't even move my butt to the local stores.I am getting lazier,this whole jobless thing is driving me nuts. I feel like a useless degree holder.

I have to rescue myself as I am drowning into the ocean of laziness.

I need to fully utilize my time!!!
Any suggestion guys?

P.S: I have all the time in the world but I have nothing to do!!!


  1. Hehehehe...hmmm.. drowning in books is not bad..
    hey you need to start up your preparations remember??

    Well i am also one lazy here so i suppose i am sharing my like with you...
    What's the harm in being lazy till you get a job..because after you get one i bet you would be busy :P ..
    and as i said preparations are the only thing you can concentrate on currently and that would be sufficient and the rest njoyyyyyy..laziness strikes the best personalities ;)

    art skills??..try em' out they would soothe you to a great extent and somewhere i read it said..painting is like love!Try out and tell me your experience..

    <3 <3

  2. Hahaha ... all stages someone will say this...
    my boys saying same... and that i am killing all their time.... but Your blog is so beautiful... showing how you must be... trying smiling for nothing.. dats what i do... god i hardly have time.. if you can spare... send me your time.... :)

  3. LOL, don't worry... some opportunities have grown legs these days. They just might come to you :P

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  4. @Alcina
    Hey dear,

    Hahhaha..I am drowning in books right now!!!

    Well,that's a positive comment,looking on a brighter side,laziness is a bliss.

    Preparations??? Oh God,I need to start shopping:P

    Thanks for reminding my art skills,I love drawing more than painting,but its something that i have given up years ago.I guess i should start to dig out my art tools.

    Take care,darling <3 <3

  5. @Jasmine
    You have a beautiful name;)

    Haha,im suffering from boredom right now:)
    Send my regards to your boys:)
    Thanks for the lovely comment dear,and smiling for nothing,hahaha..thats nice i have a reason to smile now:)
    Seriously,If can I would love to give...

    @Blasphemous Aesthete

    Hey there,
    Hahaha,thanks for the comment and i cant wait to kick out the 'less' from job-less..:)

    Take care

  6. Well...This is the other side of it...! The feeling that You have nothing to do in this World ! But Let me say something..this is the best time to do anything you want and this is the best time when u gets right !

  7. @HA!FA

    Hi there
    hahahah...I guess i should figure out first what I wanna do for the moment.

    Thanks for the comment
    Take care:)

  8. Its in the weather...

    laziness....don't worry..

    Nice blog !!

  9. Hi nikita

    Yeah the weather is soooo unpredictable ;/

    Thanks ya ;)

  10. Oh God!!!It seems I am not the only queen of laziness after all :P

    Don't worry my little friend...There must be something very special awaiting for you...Hold on till then...

    Hehehe...I loved the P.S...whole lot of time but nothing to do ;) we have so many things in common :)

  11. @Beyond Horizon

    Hahahah..I'm afraid that you are not alone:P

    Yeah..waiting and waiting ..hope something come up:)

    The P.S is so true dear,I should start to do something..:)

  12. aahh.. something which i can totallllyyy relate to..! i'm in the same boat as you are rite now.. :( b.o.r.e.d to the core..

  13. @viya

    Hi dear.
    Hmm totally understandable,I have been there :):)
    But its kinda opposite now :):)


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