Sunday, April 24, 2011

She's too,a woman

There she stood
Under the moonless sky
Accompanied by sorrows
Darkness envelops the night
As well as her soul

Cuddled in a red dress
Barely covering her neck
Bright colours of the cloth
Could not brighten her heart

She’s a nameless woman
With thousand names
Home wrecker
A Sinner
Just to name a few

There she stood again
The sky watch by
And the street laughed 
As she waits
For a stranger
To fill up her stomach
And To ease the cry of a child

She gave up her crown…
To a stranger
That comes by
One night
And every nights


  1. Hmm..very deep a piece that i read...very nicely penned down..and i wish that you do read my comment on tired and sad..

    take care
    god bless you

  2. Yes its a deep one

    I was inspired to come up with this after reading the book 'SOLD' by Patricia McCormick...the book was written in a perspective of a young girl..Very strong book with simple words..
    Highly recommended to read..:)

    Read and replied
    Thanks a lot and take care,dear..:)

  3. You have strength in your words, the reality expressed so well, simple yet powerful!

  4. @Beyond Horizon

    Thanks a lot,
    yeah,simple words can be very powerful sometimes..:)

  5. Everyone has the right to happiness :)

    Stay Blessed ^_^

  6. every poem written here is great and most probably i'd say the same thing. well done.

  7. well written... are writing about me.. hahah


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