Friday, April 29, 2011

A perfect beginning

The darkness has set me free,
Lights are coming in
With a promise,
They will stay longer this time!

The storm has passed
The weeds are pulled off
As soon as the seeds are planted
The flowers start blooming

Raindrops felt on my cheek
As a sign of blessing
From someone up there
And together with the rain
The tears are washed away

As I walk towards the unknown
I am no longer alone
There’s another hand
That’s perfectly fits mine
And the best moment is yet to come!

P.S: I realised that the rainbow can only be seen after a heavy downpour….


  1. Ahh..beautiful..Finally the girl is happy :)

    And your P.S. is so true..
    Very cheering post and the last line makes me dream :)
    take care
    keep smiling always!

  2. wish you a happy married life to u and ur wouldbe husband.

    may god bless you.

  3. @Alcina
    Thanks a lot dear,kinda hard to come p with a happy poem...
    Yes,I realised it was indeed a very heavy downpour
    Take care,and you too..SMILE always!! :))))))
    P.S:The last line makes me dream tooo..:))))

    @poonamvijay not getting married any sooner
    But i will save it for the future
    Thanks for the comment
    And May God bless u too...:))))

  4. WOW, now the little girl is quite happy, happy! am glad :)

    Beautiful words out here, overshadowed the sadness

    Yes its a perfect beginning! Hope it last forever...

    P.S. Thanks for the sweet comment. What else I can wish for! If My words have power to heal :)
    You are the second person in my life to say that! :)

  5. I know one and two both Beyond horizon ;)

  6. @Beyond Horizon
    Thanks for the beautiful comment
    I realized that happiness is just here...Hopefully it last forever
    P.S: I not the first one??:p..anyways,its a heartfelt comment :)

  7. Yep :) ..
    Don't you have anyway that you can be contacted besides your blog??

  8. Hahahaha...Yes, Blood is Red, Alcina might know the person.

    same question as Alcina, you on fb too right? will be glad to meet you there :)

  9. Ok ladies,give me your email adds...i will add u guys there..:D:D

  10. you happy.. dats all that matters...
    keep coming back to you blog... hahaha
    bzy day...

  11. Yesssssssss I am

    Taking things lightly nowadays

    I am glad to have you here

    Take time to relax once in a while:)

    Take care


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