Sunday, April 24, 2011

On a Sunday afternoon.....

My cousin ask me to quit blogging and set my foot in reality instead.My younger sister thinks that I should stop burying myself under books and follow her shopping for new dresses and more cosmetics.My brother thinks that I should give away my sport shoes and go for high heels.My mom thinks that its enough of me studying and start learning cooking so that I'm able to feed myself and my future husband.My father thinks that education had ruined her daughter so much because I started to question him a lot.My elder sister thinks that I should be married  right now cause she already had two kids at my age. The kids think that I should stop borrowing their bicycles. My best friend thinks that I should get over my first love and start finding a boyfriend (FYI,I have already get over him for years).My lecturer think that I should cut the amount of time I spent in Facebook(Oh God,i shouldn't add him in the first place!!!!)

Oh yes,I do love all of them,without them my life will be insane and I'll be lost completely...But they should know what I'm thinking right now..I think they should mind their own stuff and just leave me alone..

P.S : Please,let me breath...

Mode :Sensitive and angry


  1. Awww...Take your space for that matter :) ..sometimes you have to play the ignorance game when the don't do this and do this burden up you and your thoughts too much...

    Sensitive thats for sure girl and you have been sad lately in many posts of your and i wish this phase fades away soon from your life..

    And anger..suree..vent out..take some advantage of it :)..indulge in ice-cream and chocolates what say?..just for a day won't harm anything :)


  2. aww..!
    U sound so innocent in the post ! :)
    thanks for following sweety.

  3. @Alcina

    Hey dear,
    Maybe that's the way they care for me!!!!!
    I'm avoiding all the thoughts right now and indulging in my own world..

    And oh yeah,ignorance is bliss

    I am trying to be feeling-less right now...It makes me sane

    Great & chocs..they are my surviving tool...
    Take read my comments in the other posts
    Till then,take care...:)

  4. @Duchess
    hey girl
    Oh yeah, I am a child at heart ;P
    Mention not,U have a lovely blog

    thanks for the comment
    You too..Tc

  5. I can very well understand your feelings sensitive little girl ;)
    surely you love them, and also don't get trapped in this web...spend some time here as it is cathartic :)

    and change some settings on FB, SHH...
    hope he/she is not reading this :P

  6. Awe now that sounds like sweet cribbing...from sensitive and angry world :D

    Though I agree at times our loved one exercise so much control on us and we ourselves get tangled in this mess...but we just can't stop loving them can we ?? :)

    And yes Poonam's advice is fact our teachers must have a banner in their profile saying "Add at your own risk !" & we'll never commit the mistake :P

    Take Care.

  7. Mode: sensitive and angry.
    Yeah !! me too !! But who cares ???

  8. @Beyond Horizon

    Love the calling 'little girl'
    I guess its time now for the little girl to grow up...:(
    Yeah,waiting for the right moment to change the setting so that He wont be suspicious..hehehe
    It's a 'he'by the way...and he wont be reading all this..remember it's a secret one knows me here :P
    Thanks dear..

  9. @Fatima

    hahaha..nowadays I'm cribbing a lot...more to sweet cribbings..
    Yup you are right,sometimes we got tangled by all this,but that never stops us from loving them..they have been with me all this while,maybe that's how they show their care!!

    Oh yeah,lesson learned through the hard way,I am not goin to add any profs anymore..should start to advise my frens as well

    You too,take care!!

  10. @Vishal

    Well fren,its a weird world outside there..
    but who cares???? right???

    take care

  11. I kind of agree with the lecturer. Facebook is the best thing you could to waste your time. ;)

    Stay Blessed ^_^

  12. haha. people around u are so cool ^^
    this is amusing :)


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