Wednesday, April 20, 2011

It's my World!!

My world is silent today,
Hustle and bustle of the city,
Don’t come my way.

My world is out of trouble today,
Stress and pressure,
They are declared holidays.

My world is full of inspiration today
As I sip my favourite coffee,
While sitting by the bay.

My world is full of peace today,
Cherishing the present moment,
As Happy and fun memories replays

My world full of comfort today,
As I sleep from dawn to dusk,
Just to watch the night pass by.

My world is only for me today
No one is allowed.
Oh please, at least for a day!!

P.S : Ever wonder how it feels to live in your own world for one day ...truly escaped from whatever role that you are holding and living the life according to you! So I'm gonna kick away all my worries,sadness and anger and blanket myself with more and more dreams!!!!


  1. That super cool...Surely take a break girl and enjoy your day with only you :)..

    A refreshingly bubbly write-up! :)

  2. @Vishal..

    I had a great time with myself :)

    The past two weeks did not go that well..really need to take a day off!!!

    But sadly you have to face reality the next day!!

  3. You have the light within you, that will brighten your life in your gloomy days :)

  4. @Beyond Horizon

    I believe in the light too,hopefully it would guide me....

    Thanks dear:)

  5. Seriously.. I wish even i could run away from all this pointless hustle and stupid people i'm surrounded by and retire to a place... where it's only me i gotta think of atleast for a day...

  6. @I~am~she
    Take a day off dear,trust me..u'll be in peace


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