Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The forgotten...

They call me mute
Yes I can’t speak
When the word fails me
Silence came to the rescue
As I am a silent speaker

They call me deaf
Yes I can’t hear
The chirping sounds of the birds,
But I know
They sang of a melodious tone

They call me blind
Yes I can’t see
It’s black and white in my world
But I see colours
When I see beyond hearts

I have no qualms
I have no complaints
Hold back your stigma
Keep away your sorry look
As you see how I live

I am the forgotten
But I’ll remind you
Whenever you see me
That the real strength
Lies in the heart

I’m not incapable
Yet, I’m not in denial
See me, See through me
You’ll know, indeed I’m special
More than any of you

These words dedicated to the boy next door who is just 11years old, barely able to speak or hear since birth (till now the doctors fails to diagnose his problem) but he gathers strength whenever he’s in his mother’s arms.

Not forgetting too, the man whom I see whenever I visit the fast food outlet..he speaks through his smile, and his cheerful face said it all.

P.S: You’ll be remembered here


  1. Very beautiful and at the same time very meaningful poem! Kudos! First time on your blog. :)

  2. Hey Shilpa :)
    thanks a lot for commenting!!!!

    Keep coming by

  3. The feel and words of this poem was just awesome...and what you wrote in the P.S. was damn touching..Through your poems they are to be here forever..

    Very nice work!

  4. @Alcina
    Thanks a lot!
    Its just one way to remember the forgotten ones...

    Yeah,I like the P.S part too..:)

  5. The not so forgotten...How can anyone?!

    Hope the strength lasts forever and bring colors in life :)

  6. @Beyond Horizon

    Hopefully it lasts forever!!!


  7. Its a really beautiful and touching heart goes to that boy!

    He'll never be forgotten how can he?
    And as they say, Hope is the rope that swings you through life!

    Take Care.

    P.S: Hope he is forever cheerful and god grant him all the strength and courage! Ameen

  8. @Fatima
    Thanks a lot,dear!

    He'll be remembered here..:)

    You too,take care
    P.S: Insya Allah,God will take care of him,as He never neglect his believers!!

  9. It's wonderful... Very few people have the ability to feel some one else's pain and that's what u have portrayed here... I love dis piece :)

  10. @I~am~she
    Thanks a lot for appreciating it!!!!:D:D

  11. Definitely not forgotten. :)

    Stay Blessed ^_^


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