Friday, April 22, 2011

TIRED and SAD!!!!


I am feeling very very down for the past few weeks,It's like I've been running out of luck!!!
All the things I did and said ends up in a wrong way!!The exams does'nt go well either and I felt all my hardwork in vain.The lecturers are messing up with my dissertation and I am getting in trouble for the things that I have not done.Others are taking credits for my work and so is so unfair.I m losing myself l..and I hate myself for being like this.

They optimist said.... life does not deserve sadness,and life is too short and you should be happy always happy and etc etc ....

But it is a lot easier said that done!!!!

Really tired and frustrated with people and life!!


  1. Hey cheer up girl!!!
    I can understand the feelings you must be experiencing but NEVER EVER SAY "I HATE MYSELF" you are hurting yourself

    Believe in yourself and am sure you would be fine...want to here from you soon!!! :)

  2. @Beyond Horizon
    Hey there,
    Thanks a lot!!
    U noe somthing? U have the ablitity to heal people with ur words!
    I'm okay now although not that oK but I'll try
    I've something important coming up in my life...Include me in ur prayers:)I am in need of miracles and more luck..Take care

    P.S:Again,Thanks for the words!!!

  3. Hey..
    Someday everything is just so awful and the other day its like a dream come is how life balances itself..night comes but after that morning also arrives not that night reigns forever is it?

    As you said easier said than done..But try and try and succeed and not till you succeed this is a thing i learned fresh and new today from one of my friend..all the best girl..take a day of..reality can't wait so it will merge up with you good day well and fine..
    Take care
    cheer up...and try and smile :)

    Hope to looking forward to a smiley you :)

  4. @Alcina
    Hey there
    Yeah,Sometimes things does not turn out that well..and at this moment,I feel as though the nights are getting longer and there are so many doubts tooo....But I do believe that the storm will passed soon and everything will be just a page in history...

    I'm trying not to quit as yet,and I hope everything will be just fine..Do pray for me!!!

    THANKS a lot for the encouragement...
    and I smile after read ur comment

    I promise to come up with a HAPPY post soon...Take care fren <3

  5. I guess this is something most of us can relate to.. There have always been times when u fell that everything that happens is unfair.. But what's important is that these hard times will pass.. for some in a few days n for sum it may take years.. but eventually everyone will find their happy ending :)

  6. @I~am~she
    Yes dear,
    What happened was totally unfair..but it makes me stronger,and it does shows the true color of some ppl....
    Eventually everything be alright :)))
    Take care

  7. may 3 was long time ago... how are we now?
    both sides this and the other side of you


  8. We will be alright no matter what come across us,right?

  9. Yes you are absolutely right... today in kids FB read from a friend called Anushka
    "Call me a slut, call me a whore
    if you don't like me there's the door.
    Call me anorexic, call me fat
    i can put on or i can lose that.
    Call me annoying, call me dumb
    excuse me miss; but i'm having fun.
    Call me a flirt, call me fake
    that's just me, so give it a break.
    Call me weird, a nerd & a geek
    Call me what you want, i'm just unique"

    keep smiling... its true it makes other wonder

  10. @Jasmine

    That's a nice poem
    Yeah I'm just unique,and so do you
    I will and you too keep smiling dear


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