Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Me = The Silent One

Dear Mr checkered shirt guy,
I guess I'm missing you so much.Its been a while since I saw you.Hope the world is treating you good so far.
Hmm,what else I can say?
The last time we met,
First,I was shocked  when you appeared in front of me out of nowhere,
Next I was so excited to see you after so long (I mean for months)
then I was over the moon..(that was for sure) because You said HI to me and you smiled
Oh Gosh,YOU said HI to ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Never thought of,may be you were over the moon as well after you saw me..:P
You were smiling,Your smile reaches your eyes.I have never seen you that way.
Before this,you always glare at you hated me and at the same time YOU actually liked looking at me..I knew that..I mean all girls knew that.

Okay,lets go back to the HI thing...
I am deeply,terribly SORRRRYYYY for not not replying your HI
Oh Gosh,how can I actually do that to YOU
Oh Im so Sorry,It was not meant to be harsh anyway
Just wanna say that I was really nervous when YOU actually said HI to me..I could feel that my heart did All i could do that moment was to smile at YOU
So,please don't mistaken ME...
I knew YOU already mistaken me

Again,YOU glare at me the next day.

And Again,I fail to understand YOU

Hope to see you again,and I hope we got to actually talk this time,al least have a proper GOODBye
At least Once before I graduate from here...



  1. Hahahaha...thats nice..hope ur wish gets fulfilled.. :)

  2. hahahaha..

    I REALLY wish for it to happen..:)


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