Friday, March 25, 2011

Aren't they both beautiful?

Nature and women never fails to inspire poets around the world.
Apart from being a source of inspiration,both elements are very essential to life.

We cant deny the fact that both of IT have more things in common than dissimilarities.

Nature and women should never fall into wrong hands,they lose their spark if they do.They should never be forced to change,because changes without willingness will lead to their destruction.

And most importantly they are  beautiful in their natural state.

Oh Nature and women,
You are divine gift to earth..
What will we do without YOU...


  1. Indeed Beautiful!
    Yes they must be treasured :)

  2. Oh yeah ~~

    Sadly,nowadays they are being exploited in so many ways,in so many places..!

    Thanks for the comment

  3. abuses, assaults are on rise, even after raising our voice against it, whats needed is Action!

    And Hey, you don't need to Thanks me every time I comment. Take it seriously, am gonna be a regular over here :)

  4. @Beyond Horizon,
    Yeah,Action speaks louder than words!

    That's so sweet
    Its an honour to have you here,be my guest ALWAYS :)

    Yes indeed
    Its nice to have you here too...:)

  5. Its the truth...but hardly anyone is appreciated and both are exploited...

    Nice read...keep writing :)

    Take Care.

  6. @Fatima,
    Yup,but we can make a difference by treasuring them.

    Thanks a lot,

    You too,take care :)

  7. @Alcina

    Hey there,
    Thanks,glad that you like it :):)

  8. What a comparision!!
    Loved it..
    Indeed both should never fall in wrong hands,the destruction is really beyond words.

  9. Thanks for the follow up.
    Hope to see you often:)
    Keep blogging..

  10. Hey Neeha,
    Mention not,I like the presentation of your blog!:)

    Thanks a lot,
    Glad that you like it!!:D
    Take care


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