Wednesday, February 23, 2011

First Love

Sometimes I just could not control my feeling.I get jealous easily over the fortune of others.Why am I behaving in this way?It's not that I'm lacking in anything. Overall,I can raise my own collar by proclaiming myself as an A graded student,studying in of the prestigious university in my country.

On top of the list,I have the best mom in the world..who is willing to sacrifice anything for me but yet it seems that I don't have the contentment of living.

There are some things that I could not control in my life.

At the age of 18,I fall in love with a guy...and it changed my life forever.

I fall in love very fast and it just lasted for less that 10 months..
But I can certainly assure myself  that those moments will never come back.I can never feel the same love in my life.
What more you can say about your first love???

It started as as the typical story..Boy meets girl,I was 18,excited about being in a co-ed school after spending 11 years in all girls school.
It was totally a new world and this guy stood out from the rest.
What makes him so?? You may ask!!
But till now,I myself seems to not know the answer.
Certainly the 10 month puppy love story ended in a very disappointing way.

We decided to go our separate ways...but it changed the way I view the world
I'm no longer the sweet,demure and quite girl that I used to be three years ago
My whole personality changed,I became more independent ,confident and bold.

I can easily shout at anyone who get into my nerves.
I'm no longer someone who thinks about what other people thing when you wore a shirt that is not ironed
and I started to hate guys even more especially when I kept on falling for the wrong guy and even worse when a guy that i liked started to fall for my bestie.( Believe me,that could be the worst feeling that you could ever had)

Sometime I wish I could return back,and make up for all the mistakes..

But this is life,You screwed up.You learn from the mistake. Repeat
The cycle goes on!!

P.S: Sometimes, I think about you..the first person whom broke my heart.
I hope you had found your other half..but just wanna tell you,that I havent...(so far.:P)
I glad that I found you,because of you I tasted love...

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  1. But this is life,You screwed up.You learn from the mistake. "Repeat"

    Make new mistakes but never repeat any...

    Stay Blessed ^_^


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