Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Nightmare!!! Could it be real???

I had a terrible dream last night.I saw my father declaring about my marriage in front of all my relatives( seriously have no idea why they are gathering in my house anyway) and the most shocking part of the declaration is that I ought to be marrying my cousin (WTH!!!)

I hate him since our childhood,I still remember  me and the other cousins will not play with him and his brothers...hahahaha...I hated him so much!!!

If that's going to become true,im DEAD..(couldn't even imagine the scenario).

I hate him,his parents,his brothers and more than everything my mother hates them too..(So,the probability of this dream becoming true is very LOW)

P.S: Be careful of what you are wishing for!!!

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  1. may be you dont, or may be you do.. but wake up and see... you need more than what you having now... from the other side.. so nice to read :)
    have a fun day... what did you do on fathers day..


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