Monday, January 24, 2011

Could Mr Wrong be Mr Right (O.o'')

He's just bad in everything.
No one can mark up to his sarcasm even Simon Cowell.
That's how I rate him.
But there something about this Mr Wrong!
He's honest,He doesn't act in front of people.
He just being himself.
That's what I like about him.
Even though everyone seems to be hating the way he conduct our class but I still believe in some kind of kindness that he has in his eyes.
He love spending time alone,lighting a cigarette and sat on top of his motorbike,rarely smile to people who pass around him.

He's a very unique person indeed,and all he needs right is a perfect girl that could add some color in his black and white life.

Hope he will find someone soon...

Could Mr Wrong has the chance to show his brighter side???

Let's see..(:


  1. da only think i can say is dats der are 2 ways to all.. wright or wrong hahahah and you quote of
    (O.o") is so sweet .... and me remembered - one who did not want to quote his secret name
    said (Y) or (y) ... instead of Y.... hahaha

  2. No one is completely good or bad. As they say beauty lies in the eyes of the person, same way is goodness lies in the eyes of person. As you mentioned, someone definitely likes him for the good he possesses :)

    Stay Blessed ^_^


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