Friday, December 17, 2010

The truth !!!

Your part of the story...

You: Hey why are you always thinking that you are the one who helped me all this while?
         Its like you are sacrifing almost your entire life just because of me!!
         The truth its you and your character that expecting return for all the good deeds that
         you do to others,you always seek for something in return.
         Perhaps you are thinking that Im living by your grace.!!!
         I am capable to stand on my own feet you dont have to be the walking stick and you
         can’t be one...

Me: Hey if what you’re saying is the truth.Why I wanna help other when I know for sure that
       I will not be appreciated in the first place???

       The inconvinient truth is that  you never appreciate me even once in your life!!!

My part of the story...

Me: One thing that I hate about myself is “I care too much for you’’ more than to people
       who  deserves it more!!!  

       I cant stop caring about you,that’s my problem..even when sometimes you treat me
       worse than a kitchen towel I cant seem to turn my face away when you need help or
       when you  in a dire situation.

       And when you seem not to appreaciating me,I tend to pinpoint all the good things that I  
       have for you all this while,maybe that is my way of seeking attention.

       But never in my life,I hope of returns for all the marvellous things that I have done for
       You because only Allah can repay a human’s good deed.

      Humans don’t have that ability or certainly YOU dont have the ability!!!

You : ..........

Me: Sometimes,you have to see me,see through me (at least you should TRY!)

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