Saturday, November 23, 2013

[Fiction] The reason of her life

Everyday seems like a battleship war, she struggles with her willingness to wake up in the morning.However her mother's voice can even move mountains and that's how she force herself to bid farewell to her comforting bed. Its like a breakup with her bed but its the kind of relationship that you will always return to. She drag herself to the bathroom,unable to put her feet together below the shower head. Sometimes she hopes there is a capsule hidden under the soap which she can magically transform it into a small fluffy bed and in that she can continue to contemplate on how miserable humans life can be at times.

"You planning to sleep there forever,aren't you? Hurry up, your brother needs to use the bathroom as well"

Her mother's voice break the bubbles of dreams that she's having in the bathroom. She remembered how her mother bought her brother the bicycle that she always dreamed of having when she was ten. Her mother is doing the same thing,anything in favorable for her son, the son that will carry the family crown someday.

"Uh,I really need to move out from this place" she mumbled.

''Maybe you need to keep your eyes open first''her mother said when she was about to enter the dining room instead of her bedroom. Surprisingly the amount of water she wasted couldn't divert her away from sleepiness.

The clock struck half past seven and she was still finding a proper shirt to pair with her grey jeans and not forgetting the amount of time that she need to spent on ironing her outfit. After a few moments of arguments on the taste of the coffee that her mother made, she barge out of the house at the speed of the storm.. For her, the freedom yet misery is outside there and a day in the house is a day wasted in the calendar regardless of how it ends.

The journey to the office will be filled with curse and she has almost drafted a complain letter on her mind to the Municipal Council on how awful their city planning is. The number of unwanted lanes and traffic lights has always been the reason why she throw fist in the air, battling the stress and the morning traffics behind her back.

"As always, someone is late" the bald head guy said while passing by her and she knew she's already 30 minutes behind everybody else.

The rage inside her heart was just been intensified but she manage to control herself to not create another enemy in the office. Who knows she might need the bald guy's help to manage her shifts one day. And yet she cant help thinking of how she hated herself for calling him a bald guy in her head and at the same instance she also feels that if  there's one guy who deserve that description,it is him for sure.

Slowly she walked to her cube, wondering how many emails that she needs to answer,and how much responsibilities climbing up the ladder to reach her shoulder. She hates to do a routine job. Perhaps a paid vacation around the world serves her needs more rather than sitting in a cramped office building walls around her.

There's only one reason she's still working in a place that she hates so much. The reason that's keeping her in this office is a 6'1 feet tall guy with a small round face and a charming smile, not to mention a beautiful personality and a sense of humor that some ladies will die for.Everyday the reason of her life will pass by her place  with a packet of sandwich and cup of coffee that will eventually land on her table. He will stop by and pretend to have a quick chat on what normally colleagues will talk about. Maybe today he will comment about how the pipes are broken in the first floor bathroom and why one should not use it for the day because it could be a real disaster.

"You know in the middle of doing your thing and you realize the bathroom has no water"he will say  it jokingly without distracting his eyes from hers. And when he knows nobody is looking he will whisper the word 'I love you darling' and one can imagine how her cheeks will blush just the same red she had when he said it for the first time.

And  the sudden changes on her face is so obvious to the crowd,yet it remains a puzzle to them on how cheerful she can be after she had her daily dose of sandwiches and coffee. Some of her colleagues thinks that she is a zombie till she gets her morning coffee but they don't know that he is the caffeine to her mornings and endorphins in the afternoon. And so,how can one ignore the way sunflowers look when they had their first ray of the sunshine,and how lively the strawberries are when they are sprinkled with cold water?

"You add beauty in my life"she said to him while he was busy finding the business card in his wallet.

You are as beautiful as those sunflowers and strawberries and how can the absence of sun rays and those sprinkled water take away their essence. Believe me, you are already beautiful on your own.

"Don't you know sunshine and water are vital for their survivor and so are you to me."

Deep in her heart she know everyday will be a battleship war but with him around she will always emerge as a winner in every challenges that comes her way. And that's how the rest of the days goes,with a happy smile on her face and the strength that she gathers today will bring her hope to try again another day,for one more time.

P.S:Fiction,after so long 


  1. I love your writing style yet again. I loved this line "but they don't know that he is the caffeine to her mornings and endorphins in the afternoon" - such romanticism!

  2. This honestly made me blush. Sometimes all we need is to be head over heels in love with someone to keep us motivated. Cheesy but I find it so true. ♡ :-)

    1. Thank you dear :) Thank you for your honest opinion

  3. Heh, I can relate to this on more levels than I'd like to admit.

    1. Im glad that you can relate :) Thank you for commenting

  4. Sometime, we do need someone like this to keep the wheels turning ! :)

  5. A. Such fiction can cause terrible heartbreaks. That guy cannot be your one reason to live... Lets have one hundred awesome reasons :)

    1. Agree..but every now and then our loved ones help us to carry on with life during difficult moments


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