Monday, September 30, 2013

Prompt No 15: The most difficult decision you’ve ever made. Write from the heart.

I would say the most difficult decision is yet to come.I'm just delaying it :( I'm a coward and I just dont have the guts to make the decision.Whatever decision I make,I'm going to hurt people that I love. How I wish I can have it all. :( But God is making me to choose. He said I shouldnt marry someone who doesnt belong to the same religion as mine. 

Sometimes I wonder if God exist what race He will choose to be in and which religion suits Him the best. Another thought came to my mind,if he choose one religion over another,is that mean He had to let go of others which are His own creations?. Nothing makes sense as I was taught God is loving and most benevolent.

Does God exist or not? I am more inclined to believe that He doesn't ..


  1. Religion, is a route to lead our life, it is a guide. It is personal.

    To base such an important decision on religion, is harsh.

    God will never say to not marry anyone from a different religion. All He says is to be human, to be humble, to love one another without hate.

    Good luck on your decision!

  2. Honey, God indeed tests us in the ways we cannot comprehend. I am going through the same phase but in a different context. But in my personal opinion (and please forgive me if it offends you) maybe God wants the best for us, I know it's very hard for me to believe too. But that's what our religions teach us.
    For example, if you marry a person of another religion, what if, at any point in life, religion becomes a source of contradiction? What if you two get rigid in your faith with time? I am not wishing that upon you, I am just stating what, may God forbid, may arise later in life and hurt you.
    I hope and pray that you get out of this situation and whatever you decide may turn out to be the best for you. =)

  3. Its not the belief in God that saves you,....a deep faith in anything even in you is what saves you. some call it God some call it the inner self.
    But yes I do believe in him!

  4. Inter-religious relationships can be challenging. Perhaps we should talk. If you feel comfortable, I'd like to talk further with you about this. I care. My email is


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