Sunday, September 29, 2013

Prompt No 14: The day you started blogging. What were you thinking?

What I was thinking the day I started my blog? It was just a normal anonymous blog that I created to vent out my feelings. I would  like it to be an online diary that I can expect nobody in my family to sneak in my room and read or laugh to their hearts content. Some years ago, I found out that home isnt the safest place for my privacy when my elder brother read and laughed out loudly after reading one of my journal. It was more like a review of a movie that made me very sad. Since then, I still tried to write hard copy diaries but I cant keep up because the fear of intrusion is always there. And that was the reason I started this blog, The other side of me is more like an alter to my personality but deep down this place shows the real person I am.

One of the reason was not to waste any money or time consulting a shrink for all the tiny-miny problems that I'm facing.I personally believe this blog had done a greater job than what a certified psychiatrist can do. Although I shouldnt make this kind of judgement when  I have never consulted a shrink before but I'm glad this blog kept me insanely sane till now. If you know what I mean.

This blog had watched me grow into the person that I am now. Everything is recorded here,my usual rants on university assignements, stories about crushes that went wrong,some posts about family members and important events in life. This blog also provided me some skills in writing stories and cute poetries (in which I have stopped writing due to lack of imagination resulted from stressful lifestyle that I have chose for myself). Above all,I have gathered some good friends across the globe who will always be there whenever I need them. 

Coming this October 17 my blog will be celebrating its third year of anniversarry..
Special thanks to all of you who keep reading and supporting this blog :)


  1. beautiful page, I ustand when you say keeping a journal and keep it secret.

    need of a shriek :)

    Keep Smiling.

  2. SO TRUE!!! Blogging is like a personal shrink indeed!!
    Happy Budday to your blog!!!!!!!! Keep writing love!

    1. Thank you so much for reading and yes my blog said ' Thank you for the wishes'

  3. Personal Shrink? Absolutely right :D

    3 years eh? WOW!!!! Congrats and God bless :)

    1. Yeah..We all need a blog that we can keep coming to

      My blog is all grown up :)

      Thanks dear


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