Friday, September 6, 2013

Prompt no 7:9 things you just can’t handle

1. Unflushed Toilet and all kind/colors of liquid that surrounds it.

Fine,public toilets might be dirty because the public is using it but what about the toilets in companies. Oh my God I just cant believe that some of  'professional' working ladies might need a crash course on toilet etiquette.


Ever find yourselves in a situation where every way you turns,you inhales black puffy smokes all along. Being it smokers or the almost dying truckers on the roads,I cant handle smoke and of course I cant breathe in it.


First,I'm not good at it. Second,I just don't get it. Third,I think people can be more straight forward than trying on sarcasm. Fourth,maybe I'm just too dumb.

4. The meddler

One moment you hear a group of people talking  loudly or you saw two friends having a deep serious conversation. The next moment,you will see the 'nosy parker' dropped everything and stand in the groups,trying to figure out what's behind the crowds. I cant stand nor handle it.

5. Cry babies

I'm actually quite traumatized when it comes to crying babies. Oh ask me why,BECAUSE I'M SHARING THE ROOM WITH MY TWO MONTH'S NEPHEW.. I don't think you guys need an explanation on that.

6. 'Metrosexual' guys.

Well I don't think there's anything wrong when a guy pay some reasonable attention to his outer look every now and then . But what do you call  a guy who keep running into the washroom to check on his hair appearance? 

7.Mood swings

I have listed a number of things that I cant handle in others but there's something that I can't handle in my own self. My mood swings.It's just getting pathetic day by day. I can even write a lengthy post on this and the person that is most affected is RJ !!!!!! 

8.Unwanted guest

Especially when your favorite show running on the TV and the only TV in the house is in the living room and all the guest are really comfortable in the couch.

9. Racism

I really cant stand racism. When RJ and I go out together,people look at us as if something wrong. As if both of us are from different species and we shouldn't be together, There was once a group of men actually asked RJ 'what is he' and 'what is me'.We were really offended by what they said to us.


  1. Replies
    1. Yeah,,It was really a pain when some strangers ask that to you..I'm not sure how I would feel if my own family does that to us

  2. Racism and stereotypes both suck :-/

    1. Really sucks and 99 % people are racist in this world


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