Thursday, July 4, 2013

And the Drama continues...

So the "Meeting my Mother in Law" story didn't went so well for my other half. He struggled to make a conversation with my mother. Blame it on the language barrier. They barely can speak each other's language. 

My mother was born in a small village in India. She followed her husband to Malaysia after she got married. Nevertheless, she's a truly an independent lady,provided the fact she had raised me good enough that I have earned myself a college degree :)

On the other hand,my other half was someone who was raised in a much modern way. He can barely speak Tamil and the only language my mother can speak fluently is Tamil. 

How to bridge them up?

This is how the conversation went between both of them last week::

RJ: Aunty,do you guys provide catering?

Mom:: No No..we actually rent the shop

RJ:: No no...I meant catering.

Mom:: ..................

[She was speechless and have given up on the conversation and the next second she came with fork & spoon and gave it to him. In order not to create any more awkward moments RJ went back to his seat and enjoyed his lunch]

As usual after coming back home she will usually share on how her day went on.

"There was a guy come,sitting hours with his laptop and he asked me whether I have canteen somewhere and I told him that I don't have one and we are just paying the rental for this shop"

The conclusion was the word 'Catering' spoiled the day..but they still manage to exchange smiles.

We are actually planning something this coming Saturday. I will let you guys know how it goes and I really hope things goes well. :) Fingers crossed 

....And And to those who visits my blog and commented on my post,I really appreciate your kindness. Thanks a lot for coming by and letting me to share my life with all of you.

Love you all :)


  1. All the Best!!! :D

    Stay Blessed ^_^

  2. That was annoying but cute :D

  3. Fingers Crossed! all the best dear :)

  4. Hi! Visiting your blog after ages. I have so much to catch up on. Waiting eagerly for your next post! :) *rushes over to read your previous blog posts*

    1. Hiii..Thank you for dropping by..I hope you enjoyed your stay here :)

  5. All the best :) Hoping the best for you...

  6. Oowww! I came after such a long time :D and here you are planning on getting hitched :D do tell us how the saturday goes :D All the best to you both :) :) Lovely to know about the recent developments :) bless you :)



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