Saturday, September 15, 2012

Shells in the heart

She was busy making something out of that one dollar note, perhaps an origami that she learnt years ago. Are you trying to make a heart shape out of the note? he asked.

Just like a small kid reacting after been caught for stealing candies, she pursed her lips trying to hide her embarrassment. She wonder how he could do that all the time, the way he weaves all the thoughts that have been occupying her scattered mind. Ironic still, he kept saying ‘I can’t read your mind; you seem to build walls around you’

There’s a familiar song playing on the background but she couldn’t recall the exact title of the song. That strains her thoughts not being able to recall the title of the song even though she could remember the lyrics by heart.  The noise from the crowds doesn’t help much making her to get back those hands to work on that one dollar again.

She lowered down her gaze, pretending to concentrate on the note and not his eyes. Those eyes do wonders, makes her feel like a glowing princess with a crystal crown. What makes her to turn back to him for everything, just like the way the moon encircles the Earth, her footsteps follows wherever his shadow goes. Perhaps this is what love is all about. Maybe this is what all the poets are trying to convey in their words. Finally everything started to make sense, all those tales written by man. The sweet melancholic feeling when it comes to love. Maybe this is what written in all the romantic books that’s struggling to be given a space in her wardrobe. Love always has a way to attract the crowds.

This feeling is like collecting shells along the seashore. She knew time is running out, in fact the future of both of them to be together seems vague. She needs to find as much shells as she could to be kept in a lovely Pandora box, shoved under the bed and to be opened only when no one is around. That’s how she see this moment as, too precious to not pay attention to it.

The sound of a fork been drop forced her thoughts to come back to the present moment .She wants to make a heart shape out of the note and give it to him. She wants him to keep that heart shape note as her remembrance. But then, her hands kept on failing her. She found him looking at her clumsy hands which are battling to make a perfect heart shape out of the note. That makes her feel vulnerable; she can’t seem to do anything when those eyes watch every movement of hers.
She gives up on the note and passed the crumpled note back to him. Maybe this could be a sign, maybe both of them are never meant to be together after all. Maybe he shouldn’t keep anything that reminds him of her. That’s how paranoid she is, she always look out for a sign, silent hints that God bestowed upon them.

You are just too pious,P.I.O.U.S’she remember him stressing out the word by spelling it for her. How could this happen, a strong believer and a logic thinker to be attracted towards each other? Again, maybe this is what love is all about.

Out of a sudden, he breaks the silence. He furrowed his brows and ask her what she thinks about him and what makes her to fall for him.

Don’t ask me these questions, because I just have no answer for it. It just happens’ she said even though she wants to say so much but she knew words not helping her at all. She can’t express much verbally. It’s one of her flaws. If he asks her to pen down her thoughts, maybe it will reach more than a thousand pages.

Maybe you just admire me for who I am, maybe this could just be a plain attraction’ he kept presenting her with facts and logic. He’s an open thinker, he believes in reasons and consequences. He questions the rules set by the world. But whenever the brain takes over his heart, he’s prone to hurt her even more. And when the feeling she has for him been countered with logics, she will be silent and let her tears to take over instead.

This is how it goes all the time. Her expression will slowly soften his heart. The tears will bring him back to her. Just in a split of seconds, his heart will slowly regains its place and he knew this little girl with sparkling eyes adores him so much and it soothes him.

Sometimes,knowing that someone loves you  so much could bring tears. And so he will shed some tears for the love of his life. How could he doubt her true love when her heart has already nested softly under his roof…..and this is how it always ends all the time….

P.S: [Im back]..miss being here so muchhhh...


  1. i loved what you were trying to explain. Such a lovely short story.

  2. This is so sweet :)
    And welcome back :D

  3. So sweet, luvly :) I miss u in the blogosphere... Welcome back dear :)

    1. Thnk u Love for reading...Hope all is well ur side

  4. This is oh so romantic cutie pie...I loved from the beginning till the end..

  5. T O S O M,

    Nice to see you back in action. You have brought out two thoughts very well in this story - First that Love knows no reasons and Second, The struggle between mind and heart is always there while one is in love.

    Take care

    1. Thanks Uncle,heart always overrule the mind :)

  6. Beautiful! You're a fine writer. Welcome back and I like the colors on your page.

  7. I tried posting a comment but m unable to comment on any blog to so now m using the name/url :-/

    This by far to me has been the most touching post you've ever written, there were emotions there was romance there was just about everything..loved it to the core..

    Take Care

    1. AWWW...that is so kind of you..thank you very much for ur time :)

  8. oh my god
    janeman you are back an indeed with a bang. :)
    i was so happy without even reading the post ... that you have written something atleast... :)
    and its beautiful especially how you connect what poets are trying to say with the girls feelings :)
    koala plus panda hug :)

  9. You have no idea how much it has touched me...
    I could relate to this so so much
    Thank You :)
    Unknowingly, you have opened my eyes

    Stay Blessed ^_^

    1. Thank you for reading,this piece is close to my heart :)

  10. i just enjoy reading every thing you write.... no no i feel deep everything you write. Its very true like our own feelings... and its true you touch the core all the time. Now it is 2:30am in here where i live... and you can bet .... this is how i feel blessed.. thank you .. yes i am imperfect...


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