Thursday, June 7, 2012

Dont give up on me

Words never fail me and so I write today.

Feeling calm in the midst of havoc, is it possible to feel this way? This has been happening for some time already. The inability to cope in this working environment which left me with moist eyes in front of my superior. But I didn’t cry because I regretted the last time I cried in front of a guy. Has he ever seen a girl crying in front of him? That question slightly arises from my thought. Everyone have their past and I wonder what could his be? I know that he can read my mind, read my every thoughts and he knows at moments like this he shouldn’t say a word. We were completely silent in that room, trying hard not to let the words interfere the air of stillness.

He told me that this is not the end of world and this is not bad at all. I replied that this is bad and this is really bad and for this he gave me a weak smile. I can see he’s not giving up on me, and he said he’s someone who fixes problems and for this he will find a way out.  

One day everyone will give up on me and instead of asking me to fight, they will suggest me to Quit. That moment will be hard, I don’t know till when they will fight with me and fight for me..

All I’m asking is don’t give up on me as yet…because when you give up on me,I’ll be drown forever.

P.S : I am so sorry for not replying all your lovely comments on my previous post..I read em all,its just that i dont know what to write over there :(


  1. You dont need people to tell you when you should and you should not give up on things. This is your fight. You are the one who needs to not give up. If I had given up when people had given up on me.... I would not have been half the person I am today and I would not have come where I am, and I am at a much better place than I ever was before.

    The important thing is that you dont give up on what you want... because sooner or later they will, and you dont need them. You need your own will.

    Good luck!

  2. hey.. new to Ur blog.. :) loved ur entries and yeah for this one... Don't expect anybody to fight with you or fight for you... that make life easier..It's your life and you have to live it your own.. at one point or the other...every one in our life will hurt you.. from my experience,it is better to solve our problems ourselves...and talk with the self... we all have extraordinary power within our self to bear all the problems... depending on others only makes us weak... that's what I learned... even though I'm younger... any ways.. be strong.. and go ahead... :)

  3. Dear, don't worry so much. What counts is you and if this does not work that does not means people gave up on you, it only means this is not for you and somthing better is waiting. Take care, I understand your pain but know I am here. I will keep you on my prayers.

  4. This phase in your life is one of those--I have no name for it. But just give yourself some time. I believe that it will get better. You may look back one day and say, "Look what I've been through. Look how far I've come."

    All the best for a brighter tomorrow.

    Not giving up on you.

  5. I won't give up on you. I don't give up on people. Just keep faith, and you can get through anything.

  6. Noone will give up as long as you don't.

    God bless you dear.

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  8. I do not know what the situation is, if things are bad or if you are being cynical. But, still, I would like to quote a TrueStory.

    Someone I know, worked really hard, is a smart coder and delivered good quality work however had self doubts. His managers, seniors helped him. He used to talk to them every three months. Counselling helped. Frequency of all that increased and eventually he quit.

    Senior management didn't want him to go and even offered some more, yet, his self doubts over powered and he quit. No one knows what happened. He had some psychological issues.

    I am not implying anything here. Just saying. Work smarter. Work is work. You are such a smart writer, am sure you can win challenges easier than you think you can. :) Have faith. I have been through such phases too.

    Love and hugs.


    This song really speaks to me. I hope it speaks to you. I'm still here. I'm still standing.


  10. Hey! Everyone goes through such phases in life.Its alright.Hang in there and you will come out stronger.I believe when you are down and out, the only way to go is up! Don't worry, we are all given our share of problems and we are given only so much as we can handle!


  11. heyy yaar dnt expect others to be with u always... they won't... its ur life... live it like that... face all the struggles fight it & win all the struggles... don't loose your optimism... have faith in yourself :) keep smiling :)

  12. listen janeman, no one is leaving you , and like i said before life will put you down , you will loose people you love , you will be alone in a dark dingy room and still you know what is that one thing that you will have ?
    your breath.
    you are ALIVE
    it is a reason enough for you to get up , dust off the sorrows shed a tear or two but wipe them off and take a step.
    nothing is ever going to be perfect
    and if it does there is something wrong
    and be it work
    or house
    or a relationship
    or your husband
    dnt stop believing in yourself.
    there is no positivity and no negativity just realise the REALITY , its right infront of you , you ll be stronger
    and you are going through so much
    just mail me no?
    i am concerned no.
    and suby loves janeman :D
    sister hug
    and smiles :)

  13. T O S O M,

    Let everyone else give up on you but if you give up on yourself then there is way to be what you want to be. SO DO NOT GIVE UP ON YOURSELF. KEEP YOUR CHIN UP AND FIGHT OUT WITH ALL ODDS. I am sure you can do it.

    Take care

  14. Feeling calm in the midst of havoc, is it possible to feel this way?

    When you at the center of it, yes, it is the most safest place to be. The eye of the storm.

    And you are waiting for the day when they give up, and then you'll drown. Make arrangements, get a life boat, a jacket maybe, anything to stay afloat.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  15. dont despair and dont regret...all ur efforts will pay back one day... there is always light after darkness...

  16. i mentioned you. TOSM <3

  17. Stay positive! Hope to see you in cheerful spirits soon:)
    Take care..

  18. You should always be the last person to give up on yourself. Something I read somewhere. Others won't give up on you, that I am sure off. But you should never give up on yourself, that I hope you never do..

  19. You ought to be with yourself, irrespective. Giving up would not even be the last thing occupying your mind.
    Have faith and be optimistic. There always is light after dark, baby!

    P.S: That P.S was cutely modest.

    Love :)

  20. Don't worry, everything is going to be fine :)


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