Monday, May 7, 2012

Lost like a little lamb

Okay..This isn't happening..I seriously don't know what to write over here..

I have lost touch with this place..

Talking about getting ME back to this place..Ahem :|

Hmmm...Should I write about my cute BOSS who is happily married with two kids? (sounds like a bad idea)

Or should I write about my cute-awesome team member with a weird tattoo on his left arm and has that freaking-charming everlasting smile?

Or should I write about my messed up life that left me juggling with two jobs? A full time and a part time job!!!

Oh please tell me about this 

Till then wasss up with you guys?

I guess no one missed me here!!


  1. No you were missed. From the sounds of it your attention would be much better focused on the coworker than the boss. Good luck keeping up with two jobs though. That takes a lot of effort.

  2. hey yaar... itz nice to see you back ofcourse you were missed a lot... I was waiting to know your news about new job and your life... anyway yaar keep blogging... All the best for ur life yaar and my love and prayers... tc :)

  3. We miss you but I imagine you are busy with the jobs, quite a crazy life sis.
    Please keep blogging, when you have time and inspiration! Take care. xx

  4. Hey,

    Even I was out of touch with my blog for long. Rather nothing turning up that I could express. But suddenly something dropped by and I wrote.

    Write whatever you feel like expressing..

    Bless You...

  5. You were missed and I'm sure you'll soon find something to write about.

  6. T O S O M,

    Nice to see you back after so many days. I thought may be you got tied up with new job. Please do write what comes in your mind. How come two jobs?

    Take care

  7. Write about both the men. I'm tired of juggling shennanigan in my life, so it would be tres interessant to read about yours instead!

    And hi-fives for working more than one job. I think we deserve a pat on the back or something.


  8. hehe write about the cute team member, and make the single girls jealous :P Two jobs! Someone seems to be awesome at time management :P

    and its obvious that you were missed:) Take care..

  9. i missed you janeman ..!
    write anything..!
    and its great to hear from you.! :)
    so post soon..!

  10. I am missing you right now :(

    see you soon

    till then, Stay Blessed ^_^

  11. Thank you evryoneeeeeee..LOVE u ALL ..hugsssssss:)


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