Sunday, December 4, 2011

He’s here tonight...

On a starry Monday night,
I whispered your name,
Silently but it feels loud,
The stars start to sulk,
As soon as they hear you,
The moon faces its back,
As the curtains closed too early,
Nightingale saves its song,
For another day,
Fireflies gave me a wink
As they understood,
Loneliness packs its bag,
Vacation over,
Darkness sneaks out
To let love shines,
Sadness vaporizes
As the room fits only two
I bid a short farewell,
Goodnight my friends,
I have my lover tonight....


  1. Life surely is beautiful. And so are your words.

  2. This is so beautiful! I've read it thrice now and the image is perfect :)

    "Fireflies gave me a wink
    As they understood"

    Very creative and beautiful! :)

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  4. The stars start to sulk,
    As soon as they hear you,
    The moon faces its back,
    As the curtains closed too early,

    Dang.... i had to re-read the whole poem a few times and imagine the scene again and again. I wanna make a scene on this. Soldier returning from border to his wife after a long wait. Wow you are truly talented. lol can we cast aishwarya for the bride and me as the solider ;-)

  5. i mean i want to picture this poem on a soldier returning to his wife after a long period of time.

  6. This is my humble tribute to your awesome poem.. Think this as a prequel to this romantic poem. he he.

    im hoping im not offending you.

  7. my janeman writes so awesomely and the poem is just khoobsoorat/sundar.
    you took my heart away. and the last line is perfect.
    <3 lotsa love and love and love .
    smiles and hugs

  8. How do you write so wonderfully!?
    This is so, so beautiful! <3

  9. goodbye, but tell me about it later:):)

  10. Fell in love with the last line.. Lovely!!

  11. yeah i am here tonight :P
    that was really a hot poem :D
    and your play list is fantastic,
    that perfect two by auburn is my all time favorite song :D

  12. This was mindblowingly beautiful! You're incredibly lucky and you derseve to be.

    God bless :)

  13. No kidding, this is beautiful. I love it.

    "Sadness vaporizes."

  14. Nice poem..It seems like a lover is returning to his princess, after a long time. And the wait finally ends.

  15. @Zeba
    That's so sweet of you :) and yes Life is Beautiful :)

    @~*Princesa Fiona*~
    Hey thanks I'm happy that you liked it..

    Hey thanks a bunch for writing that story..feel honored..and the scene was just perfect :) and about aishwarya part..I really hope abhishek wont mind :P I read your story and commented too..thanks for your words abrar..
    P.S:Go ahead with the scene..:D

    Thanks :)

    I took your heart glad i did that ;) now your heart is safe with me..thank baby for the words..lots of love and good luck for the test..:D

  16. @Richa
    Thanks :)

    hahah..well,I dont know..:P someone inspired me I guess ;)Thanks baby..

    okay..will surely tell you about that ;)

    @Writing bee
    Im glad that you loved it..thanks :D

    aww..yes you were here ;) How's you?I'm so happy to see you here after long time :D haha..yes it is a HOT poem ;) Perfect two is my all time fav too ..thanks ateeq..

    Thank you Soumya..thats so sweet of you.You are lucky too honey and yes you deserve to be one too:)
    Stay blessed

    Aww..thanks love :D..let the sadness vaporize :)

    yes love you said it well..thanks a lot :)

  17. **Loneliness packs its bag!
    I wish it did that all the freaking time. That would be perfect, yes! :)
    There isn't any doubt and I don't have to develop second thoughts before saying this is AWESOME. Wakes up the romantic in all of us.

  18. Fireflies gave me the wink as they understood ... awwww ...
    this is def one romantic poem, makes me want to sigh ...not cz of the poem, but cz of the memories it brings :) ...

  19. Short of words, my dumb head :)

    Night, moon, stars, fire flies, lovers...magical ;)

  20. I especially like the last two lines. This poem feels good.

  21. @theotherside, you are welcome madam. Ur poem was soo heart toughing that i got inspired instantly. when u r free try to read this story (i must warn u its fucked up though but real life event)


    this event inspired me to start imagining and writing stories. i want to reach the level of my idol and see how far i can succeed as a story teller ;-)

  22. This is beautiful, rhymes also well leaving a smile the end and the pic awesome :)

    Take Care

  23. Preciosas palabras, preciosas imágenes.

    Un saludo cordial,

  24. touching words and a wonderful pic

    stay blessed ^_^

  25. @Crystal
    Thanks baby for the AWESOME word:)owh how I wish they pack their bags and never come back..but they'll always come back ..wakes up the romantic in us..that's sounds cool :)

    Hey thanks :) memories oh wakes up mine too :)

    @Beyond Horizon
    They are add magical touch to my words,I love to make them alive :) thanks a lot sweetheart:)

    Thank you...I felt good after penning it down :)

    will check it out soon :)

    hey thanks a lot! :)

    Thnaks a lot dear..Im glad that it makes you smile..pic courtesy by google :)

    @David B.Bustos
    Muchas gracias :)Imagen cortesía de Google :D

    @the guy in the mirror
    Hey you are here..thanks a lot
    you too stay blessed..hope to see you more around :)

  26. Beautifully written, the words are talking feelings and we can sense them.
    Stay well and continue to write, you are doing it so well.

  27. Marie,thank you so much..your words always make me smile :)I will

  28. By far i guess dis one's the best out of ur kitty.. there's so much of positivity in it :) ... i've got my final M.B.B.S exams coming up so i've been a lil held up..But i had to write di tday.. u're awesome u really are.. It's really sweet of u to remember me.. thot everyone's forgotten but i guess... that's not true.. people do remember.. and this gesture of urs made my day. :) Keep writing girl.. ur radiant.. pocket full of sunshine :) on a lighter note.. who's dis charmer who has swept u off ur feet ?? ;) tc

  29. Hey YOU ARE HERE..YAY..I feel really happy to see you here..Thanks for your words honey..Mbbs..well I got a future doctor here..ALL THE sure you'll go through it just fine :)yes yes how can i forget are one of the bloggers that leave AWESOME comments on my blog..and you are damn sweet to take your time and drop by here..I will keep writing for sure..and I hope you come with a post soon..miss your writing dear

    really a charmer I would say ;)


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