Saturday, December 10, 2011


I don't like restrictions..when I write poems,I let it flow,don't even care whether it rhymes or not ..but when I first read Haiku,I knew that I have to give it a try.Special thanks to Inspector Sahaab from The Other Side for indirectly introducing me to Haiku.At first it appears a bit hard but as soon as the gate of inspirations open,the words fall right onto the screen..:) So this is my first attempt and I'm desperate for some honest feedbacks (Remember TO BE NICE,okay? :P) On my favorite subject ' RAIN'

                                                               Image courtesy

Strange, when the sky weeps

The plant turns another leaf

And the farmer smiles


  1. i seem to be the earliest bird, this is something that should be he highlight. hehe

    well, i've told you that you gonna impress others and i'm impressed. very good start. i'm not good in reviewing art work but you have written the good things about rain in this haiku beautifully.
    the rain is a blessing, spreading good news to all mankind, it is a rahmat.

    and and it is such a great honor when you mentioned my blog above. awwwwww.. i'm touched hoho.

    keep writing! :)

  2. Thank you adik ;) yes yes you are the first one ..YAY!!

    aww.I ask you to be nice..but you are TOO NICE,,anyways thanks a lot ..yes hujan is rahmat :D never converse in Malay before (excited) I have to mention,I came to know haiku from you :)

  3. well i wrote my first haiku just about two weeks ago. never heard about it too before.

    but then this one you came out with good line, correct syllable counts. u must have done research on it i suppose.

    me being too nice? hehe. just wait and hear what will the other readers tell about this.

  4. Me too,never heard about it before :)

    Really? yeah I did some homework in the morning and come up with this :) poetry always makes me feel good

    Lets see then ;) Have a nice day boy :D

  5. Lovely!! Three simple sentences which bring out a lot of meaning! In fact it can also be related to how present day people are. They find happiness in another person's sadness :P!!

  6. @writing bee
    Thanks dear..That's the beauty of Haiku..simple words conveys a deep meaning..and you said it well,that's exactly what I meant ..nature teach us a lot ..thanks again..

    the sky weeps and we smile..:)thanks for dropping by :)

  7. Lovely...not just the eyes but skies too weep :)
    But even then someone delights !!

    Take Care

  8. This is so nice! You penned your thoughts well. This is indeed a very good start. Looking forward to read more. :)

  9. @Fatima
    Thanks dear..You should give a try too :D

    Hey thanks..haiku is have a nice blog there :D

  10. it's different. Nobody thinks of the farmer first when you say rain:) Good one, write more. And I want to try it too, too big a chicken I guess:|

  11. Strange yet beautiful. Gorgeous and too freaking beautifuuuul. Its the only time when someone crying has so much beauty. :')
    A very good first attempt. Its good, like always <3

  12. ooooh what a connection you made!!!
    lOVED IT

  13. @PeeVee
    Hey thanks ..the farmer word was a surprise for me too..Yes YOU SHOULD GIVE IT A TRY..pls o_o

    AWww..thanks so happy after reading your comment :D thank you thank you..and you shld try sure it will be awesome :)

    hey thanksssssssssssssssss a lot ..:D

  14. lovely words...beautifully crafted lines!

  15. wah janeman
    you are awesome - 3 lines dipped in the magic of rain.
    i am crazy for you baby.! :):P
    hugs and kisses..!

  16. Bravo! *Clapping hands*

    I just finished commenting on another post of someone that just completed their first haiku also :D I commented further by saying that I'm so inspired by Balqis, Inspector (and now I will add you to my list!) for giving the Haiku another try. I wrote one in 4th grade as a school project so it's high time I tried it again, don't you think? :))

    P.S. ~ How about trying your hand at my Fibonacci Challenge? ;) I just completed my second one. If you read the first one, it has a link to directions for the form.

  17. Great Start my friend! I am must say I am happy to both us because I also tried the haiku writing for the first time last night!

  18. @Kalyan
    Thanks :D

    Thank you darling ..MwahhhhhhYou are most welcomed to be crazy over me ;)Million kisses..and super tight hugs :D

    @Princess Fiona
    Hey thanks a lot.this is so sweet of you:D yeah Balqis and inspector are awesome..YOU SHOULD GET BACK To haiku..will love to read your :)
    yes yes try HAIKU :D

    P.S...but Fibonacci is hard and long..but I think there's no harm of giving a try..will write one soon :D
    yes will read yours soon

    @Prima Aque
    hey wrote Haiku for the first time too..will check out yours soon..Take care my friend,,stay blessed :)

  19. I love rain and these lines are simple and lovely <3

  20. This is so sweet my cutie pie..and your first attempt doesn't seems like one..You know i tried a lot myself writing one but i failed and never posted it :P and never want to try again..
    but you should write more of them.. :)


  21. I suck at rhymes/poems and stuff but I love reading it. Haiku is awesome to read...harder to write :P And your haiku was awwzzmm :D

  22. @Ph_
    Rain,they are beautiful..Thanks :)

    Hey You are here *smiling* Thnks mean,you have tried that before? ahhh..I guess you shld try it will be awesome

    Thanks dear ..,me love haiku:)

    ahhaa..everyone can write poems :) Haizu is really amazing..Thanks a lot dear..hope to see you around :D

  23. @sagittarian
    Thanks..and welcome to my blog :)

    hey thanks :)welcome here

  24. very nice, good start! I read many Haiku, but it seems quite hard to make. Thought very good to be able to share ideas in a limited amount of words.
    Looking forward reading more.

  25. Thank a lot for the compliment..haiku is just amazing <3will be writing more and ya :D

  26. Hey Sweetie, you are good at it.

    Weeps & then smiles :)


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