Sunday, November 20, 2011

I died a second ago,really!!!

OMG..for a second ... I was dead.Yes my heart actually stops beating for a while!!!..Blogger played tricks on me..It showed that 'the other side of me' doesn't exist!!!  Gosh I panicked..I couldn't sign in to my account..what happen if 'the other side of me' really doesn't exist anymore..:'(.. It would be a nightmare for me..Me without this place I think I will die by just thinking of the fact that 'the other side of me' doesn't exist anymore..

Phew,thank God!!!!I got back my email account and blog back!!!

I just realize today how much I love this place,yeah you'll only realize good things when they started to leave you.

Love you more today,the other side of me

stay with me always <3

Me without you sucks really!!!


  1. awwwwwww and hawwwww my two reactions :)
    janeman if you going away away from blogger wlogger then wat happens to me na ?? :P :)
    thanK GOD you are here
    and i am typing the reply to your mail :)
    and todays hug- is a white polar bear hug with hot coffee..:))
    :) and my smile :)

    me loooves janeman..! :) <3

  2. Happened to me once too.
    You should back up all your posts just in case, you know.

    Sure it can give you a heart attack.

  3. ya jus imagine...really painful if it really happens, na?

  4. Waaah! That's scary! wow.. well, you should back up your blogs. Just in case, this happens again and you can't get your account back..

    Just to be safe.

  5. I'M GO GLAD YOU GOT IT BACK! i would have had a heart attack too, had i logged in and seen that your blog was deleted (or mine for that matter :O)

  6. Man they surely play games with us and it affects our stability sooooooo bad right?!!
    I am glad u got it back.. We love ur blog

  7. @suvy duby
    hugssssssssssssss baby
    yeah awwwwww and the hawwwwwwwwwww..I just dont know how it happens ;'''( but I almost faint thinking about the fact that how am I gonna connect back to blogger and what will happen to all my post and I actually take myself to 100 more years to come without 'the other side of me'..and i was thinking how i'm goin to keep in touch wif u and crystal baby that i just got to noe few days back andyou believe it or not..i couldnt even remember your funny email id..phewwww..will write more in the mail <3 yes IM BREATHING AGAIN ya..and you such a cute darling

    oh God that feeling only God knows..sob sob..its time to back up all my posts
    Heart attack ohhhh yeshhhhh

    yES JUST IMAGINE THAT..especially when you dont back up ur post..GOSH

    yes yes I have to back up all my posts and I cant imagine ME without the other side of me ;'(

    AWWWWW...yes I would have a heart attack too if your blog gt deleted..ouch..even thinking about it hurts..Hugssss <3 <3

  8. @red handed
    yeah I was dead..almost cry too ..thank God Im back and WE LOVE YOUR BLOG MORE..really..blogger without Red handed I cant imagine THAT!! Hugs

  9. It happened with me too! Grrrrrr :X I remember the panic attack that ceased me back then. I had to undergo this procedure of giving in a no and having a verification code sent there. BAMMMMMM! Google plays tricks.
    Now that you're safe and sound and breathing and back, me loves you. :)
    Suvaiba's hug doesn't make much sense? :P I shall give you a cuddlier hug. -.-
    Mwah! Tc. love

  10. really scary right? like almost end of the world..yeah i went through the same procedure and to make things worse my damn handphone played tricks with me too as the battery was like really low and the charger was missing..and that moment I really panicked like never before ;/ yeah ME breathing normal now Awwww..whose Hugs is cuddlier..?? dont make me choose ;'( Now im giving back a HUGE PANDA bear ya XOXO

  11. I know how that feels. Not related but one time my Facebook didn't opened for 3 hrs (issue with work policy). I didn't knew what was happening. Only god knows the state of my mind for those 3 hrs. Lol, remember those Hindi movies where mother loses her son in a mela or fair and she goes frantic. Ha ha.

  12. Shit! that happened to me tooo!!.. Blogger's been acting funny for quiet sometime :( i really hope whatever the problem is, they'll resolve it soon..

  13. @khadammosi
    I dont really cared much about FB..blogger is more important to me..and that phrase ''where mother loses her son in a mela and she goes frantic'' was exactly the feel!!!!! You are good really good :P :D

    Shit happens and yeah quite funny..sometimes my post get published after hours :S yeah they better resolve it soon..i cant bear to lose my blog :'(

  14. Happens to once a week at least :/ don't know why but it sure is hell annoying and yup totally agree with u it does gives u a mini heart attack :P

    <3 ur blog too :)

  15. Yea, it happened with me too, I don't know the reason but I guess it was due to loading error, or due to various accounts open same time.

  16. Back up option is good, you know. And visiting your lovely bright space after so long, feels real good :) Hugs all the way!

    Love, ~Moonlight~ :)

  17. @Aliza
    Really? Not only annoying ..I actually stop breathing :/ Major heart attack yaar :( blog loves you back too
    stay sweet

    Yeah maybe to various accounts..i do that all the time :/..thanks for droping bye

    I'm happy to see you here after so you back a CUTE hugs

    Love ,~ME~

  18. :)...true.... its alwaz the feeling of losing sumthing tht brings us even more closer to it...

  19. avecwings
    yes dear,you are very lucky if you realize it soon than later :)

  20. I imagine the shock - it's like a world by itself here, a place for us to be us and for me it seems easier to have a voice there...happy to see you have found it back - We are still there for a long time!!!!!!

  21. @Marie
    yeah the shock :/ happy after my finding it back <3..thanks Marie for dropping by :D

  22. Have you tried Google's two step verification process? I just enabled it today. It allows you to secure your email account, google gives you a code along with password to login, which you can save on your personal laptop....if you need more information, let me know...

    and, even if your blog gets deleted, you can undelete it....

  23. Thank you for reminding me baby you..I have done that..feel so much relief now..

    really glad that blog will stay forever :D

    thanks again for the info..hugs ;D

  24. What was it like on the other side?

  25. Its always wonderful on this side :-)
    thanks for the following :)


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