Monday, October 17, 2011

The anonymous side of the story

I always wanted to write on this issue of being anonymous in blogger but you see,some crap post will always win out my desire to write on this topic. Recently someone told me you cant be friends with anon.I was really taken aback of that statement. Why is that so? I have friends here who doesn’t know anything about me initially but they still talks to me like a friend (I would say more like a best friend).I told one of best blogger friend the real me only after few months and it doesn’t make any difference; we just get closer by time. Nowadays I’m being quite liberal on this anon thing. Another blogger just got to know the real me as well and it was really fun revealing my self to that person. I love the suspense involved.

Chintan’s recent post really stir a debate over this topic. It takes me about 10 minutes to read the post again and again just to come up with a comment that’ll do justice to me (others as well) and within those few minutes the post started to receive lots of comment and I ended up being fifth person to comment there and I was thinking that I’ll be the first one to comment there.When it comes to criticizing others, people just cant wait to comment right? I guess some doesn’t even read the whole post but started to jump into conclusion about anon bloggers being coward and they have this sense of insecurity and blah blah blah..The list goes on.

At first I was like really pissed off by their awful remarks but then I couldn’t stop laughing at their immaturity. They talked as if they know everything about the psychology of an anon bloggers.. as if they have done million years of research on someone being anon…. hey come one,its not a big deal at all. I don’t like them saying that anon bloggers are fakers and they are not real, it might hold true to some but there are a lot of anon bloggers who are really genuine with their words.

When I started the blog, I swear I never knew there is this circle of blogger that are so active blogging.I would have started blogging if I knew it earlier.when I say that I love all my followers I really meant it,Life has been wonderful because of you guys especially those bloggers who were there when I started the blog.Poonam was the first one to comment on my blog and since then people starts to flocks in my blog,trust me I don’t know what kind of magic that she cast on my blog. :D She’s really my lucky charm and that’s one of the reason she’ll remain a special one in my life. Then I got to know Alcina whom now had become one of my closest friend that I confide almost everything that happen in my life..and she does say my voice matches my personality :P

I’m so sorry if I had hurt anyone on this post.Being anonymous is purely a choice,it doesn’t make me a coward or a social freak who need some place to socialize. This is the only place that I’m anonymous,(I am non anon in FB and Twitters) I just need some space from the people that knows me.In that sense I don’t know anything about you guys as well apart from your names and does that picture of you tells the real you..No right? Somehow we are all anynomous without our names. I think its fun this way and yes I’ve improved a lot on my writing coz of the confidence that I gained from you guys.Come on guys,life is suppose to be fun… so stop judging others and let us live this moment and what’s in name,after all I am no different than all of you,(I don’t have purple bloods) I’m just like any ordinary girl who jokes,laugh,freaks out whenever I watched ghost movies and never miss the chance to wet my feet along the shores. We don’t have any rights to characterize someone on the choices that they make,anon or non anon,I am me and for God’s sake I do exist and trust me I’m really a girl. (some even doubts that) …

We can still be friends,even though we doesn’t know about each other.


Phew…that was a long post!!!!

P.S :Please feel free to state you opinion on this matter.You see,I don't eat people :P I hope I've done enough justice to me and other anon bloggers out there..Cheers to our anonymity !!!

P.P.S: Dear chintan,it was really a good topic to discuss about :D


  1. Ah we hav a blog fight here :p?
    I think there is nothing harm in being anon in cyber space as long as it is friendly...many people have fake names...many have fake characters...there is a charm in fakeness as well...

    what is bad is when someone writes bad comment on others space as an anon...when someone has soul purpose of harming someone as anon...that is cowardice... :)

    i prefer friendly anons than coward one...generalizing either way is wrong :)


  2. P.S.>>>I would luv to comment more if the word verifications are removed :D

  3. Sometimes its important to connect a face with their words. The comment I made their, I strictly believe, if you are writing anonymously and being mean and filthy, you are abusing a privilege!
    I agree with your side of the story though.

  4. @sub, i would not call it a fight. When a post sparks another post that shows why blogging is a sacred world and everyone has the right to express.

    @other, i totally get what you mean and that is why my post had two sections. One for bloggers one for commentors. I explained, why i may never be an anon and how anon can be revealed anytime and why in readers opinion anons are anons.

    I did delete a comment that put the post in bad light.

    About your post, we know each other thru this medium...and as long as we are respectful anono or not doesnt matter. Its a personal choice. Sometimes i too feel, would anon have been better? But i plan to write a book someday so i do need my name....

  5. Of course it's your personal choice. some people choose to reveal themselves some don't and to me there is nothing wrong being anonymous. Even I have contemplated on being an anon but then I don't know why, I chose not to.
    In fact at times I feel being an anon can add to the suspense.
    I thought we did have a healthy debate there.


  6. Agree with what you write and as I wrote in Chintans post.. I have no right to judge.
    It is true that no one knows me, although I`m not anonymous. Well, I have an anonymous name..
    Regards Spiderdama:-)

  7. YAYY!!! I can read my name...This is the second time on your blog...Thanks again *hugs* lots of love :)

    ok fun apart...Even when I started blogging was an anonymous blogger. With this fun filled journey along with other awesome bloggers, the real me came in front. Now most of them know me. Nothing has changed, in fact the bond which was created in being anonymous blogger strengthen more after knowing the face behind the anonymous. I can say this cause I have experienced it.

    Although I still blog with my pen name.

    There are many reasons why a person chooses to remain an anonymous blogger.I respect that.

    But I am not with those who comments without any link to their profile or blog or where they themselves write, as they leave several of their senseless opinions on what one write without showing the real of what they are. So I dont allow anonymous comments on my blog.

    You be good, awesomely idiot ;) and keep smiling :)

    P.S. Me a LUCKY CHARM!!!! WHOAHHH...No gal, YOU are among the best one to be read :D

    No doubt about it. Everyone will agree on this. Each of your post gives a sense that its scribbled from your heart :)

  8. @SUB
    LOL..this is not blog fight or some sort like that,you see every story has two sides,sometimes both sides are true,as you said its wrong to generalize something over another;)Charm in fakeness..that sounds nice

    Yes I buy that too..i dont like ppl commenting as anon just to put down on others

    well I wish I'm one of the friendly anon that you prefer

    Cheers and congratz again on the arrival of ur little angel :D

    P.S:I thought I dont have word verification..will remove that soon..

    being anonymous and mean and filthy is another story which i loathe either..
    Thanks for agreeing though :D

    hey dear,yeah I truly understand what you've written on ur post but it turns out some doesnt
    Yeah I know ..that was really a bad comment :|

    yes as long as we respect each other views,then nothing will go wrong :D thank u for bringing up this issue..and now *hugs* and *smiles* and all the best with the book,i'll sure wont miss reading that if it's published :D

    Yes its purely a personal choice and it doesnt generalize someone's character..(but I'm notwith those who commented in a disrespect way) Just as much you have the freedom to not being anon,I do have choice of remaining anon..:D see its fair either way :D yes we did had a fair debate over there

    Cheers..and thanks for dropping by

    Thanks dear,indeed no one has the right to judge long as we dont harm others,its a free world and life is fun this way:D

    hey hey YOU are here..*dances around*
    Thanks for dropping by despite ur hectic schedule,you noe I alway like when you're around :D yes the bond just get stronger with time..

    I'm not with those people too,yeah couldn't agree with ur statement there

    If a doctor said so,i have no others way than to agree,yes ma'am I'll be good always and of course awesomely stupid (that's me) and yes i will always smile (promise0

    Come on dear,you are just being humble here:D you are my lucky charm,no matter what ;D see,this heart have a lot to say..thanks a million and hugs

    take care poonam :)

  9. People who said anons are weird and gutless are just too-ready-to-judge types. Period. Like I said on Chintan's post, it's a choice made by the person. If you don't like it, don't follow na.

    Anon commentors though are major pains in the you-know-what. Like seriously.

  10. Hey Other side! :)
    Anon is never weird, and if someone feels it so, they should probably be f***ing themselves :P
    Excuse the abuse.

  11. @PeeVee
    yes dear,its a choice and dont follow it if you doesnt want..:)
    and yeah i know seriously :D

    yeah..its not right to make early judgement ..and yes i excused the abuse ;)

  12. @the other side of me & Chintan: common girls...i was just kidding :p
    ...i know you two are mature enough not to start a fight :)

  13. This particular old man who commented tht anon blogs are cowards, is my follower and comments on all my blogs, I wish he did not.

    Anonymous bloggers are so, because of their choice. They are still people who do not want the virtual world to know thr identiy. They are not stupid enuff to not know tht noone is smart enuff to find out our identity. Its that we dont care if people find out but we still remain anonymous to the rest.

    Good post :)

  14. Hehehehe..i don't know but this post just makes me smile and realize people just need something to blog about really..some people don't have anything against anonymous bloggers or people for that matter but just for the sake of time pass and a good humor roll out a extravagant fake post courtesy-they themselves who are against anonymous bloggers.
    Never mind dear cutie pie..over here i see goodwill hasnt died down that much still has some time and i wish i am not there to see it cause i really would not be able to do anything about it.
    Well about the voice thing mentioned in your blog ..are you trying to make the people jealous who haven't had a chance to hear that cutie voice? ;) ;)
    take care dear..
    will be there always for u ..hugs

  15. @red
    Some ppl are just you know &*^%%%@
    yeah no big deal we are here to share our words not to argue on silly matter

    Thanks honey :D

    @alcina darling
    LOL..thank you love and that was the main make other jealous :P:P

    Thanks babe Love u :D


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