Sunday, September 4, 2011

Falling for you

Hey folks, this story has nothing to do with anyone alive or dead. It is merely a fiction and I do expect some rotten tomatoes thrown at me as soon as you’ve finished reading (in case you finish reading) but since this is a virtual world, I am safe, but please try not to send me hate mails, because I wont be bothered to answer them :P..anyway have fun reading 


Yes, she’s the one, the kajal eyed girl that still makes my heart beat even though five years had passed since the last day I saw her. Well for someone who already resides in your heart forever, five years is just a matter of seconds. There’s not even a slight change in her from the first moment I laid my eyes on her but there were some doubts racing through my mind “ Will she remember this Vasu, or will she even recognize me?I still remember the first day I saw her. The moments were clearly imprinted on my mind; some memories are just too stubborn to get off your mind even after you had chased it out several times. It returns back unashamedly but each time it leaves, it left a smile!

I was feeling really nervous that day but my parents were so over the moon, the fact that I fail to understand till to date. How can they be extremely happy when they are sending off their one and only son to a land totally alien to their soft-hearted son? They coaxed me to enter this university which they regard as one of the top universities in the world but even the realisation of setting my foot to a place faraway from home clearly brings discomfort to my intestines and the whole other internal organs inside my body as well. They don’t understand the fear that I have inside me and parting away from my lifelines and being independent is seriously freaking the hell out of me!

I am different. I am the type of boys that easily falls prey to big, hulky boys at school. I am the type of boys that carry handkerchief wherever I go as I catch a cold easily. Girls look at me weirdly as if I should be avoided at any cost and I am one of the boys that will be cleaning the pukes of first-timer drunken teenagers during prom nights. I am weak inside and out. I thought my parents were making the biggest mistake in their entire life by sending me here but I never knew then that their decision will eventually carve a beautiful path in my journey of life.

After bidding a tearful goodbye to my parents, I headed on to login into my hostel room, and it seems like the other two boys that will accompanying me for the next four years were out and I quickly sneak out of the room with the hope that I will not be confronting them for at least two more days and besides that I have a class to attend!

After several rounds of embarrassing myself by entering the wrong class, finally I’ve managed to reach the right one! Department of Chemical Engineering stood proudly in front of me and I could feel there’s a pour of excitement in me after managing to find the right faculty!

With a heavy backpack and a trembled heart, I make my first move into the class; the students were busy filling up the empty seats. I aimed an empty seat at the corner of the room and I walked toward it silently praying that the seat will not be taken till I made my way move over there. That is the perfect corner seat for me.The strategy was well drawn on my mind, I will get the sit and nobody will notice me at all for the next 2 hours of lecture. It saves a whole load of headache trying to make friends with some bunch of people with crooked neurons. While slowly executing my strategy I wasn’t aware that they were a pair of legs that’s planning to topple me down once I reach its territory.

I heard a loud bang and I saw myself lying on the floor overwhelmed with my back pack on top of my back and accompanied with some thoughts on my mind  “ Damn it Vasu, how can you be so professional at this? Well, it’s a great start for the first day, you will certainly go far’’

Simultaneously with the sound of own body smashing the floor I heard the ever famous giggles and laughter from the fellow students or should I say the jerks that I would be spending my four more years here. 

Amidst the ocean of condemning and laughter I saw a hand reaching out for me, a delicate hand with some glass bangles around the wrist. I reached for her hand and she helps me to get up.I wear my cracked glasses and looked up at her to convey my appreciation, but i couldn't move my lips because that moment I felt as though a hurricane had just invaded my heart but this one doesn't leave my heart barren instead small little beautiful flowers had just begun to grow. This is how I saw her for the first time.

P.S : Will it be continued? I have no idea!!!

okay folks 3...2.. and you go...and you may include rotten eggs too 


  1. I just boiled three eggs.
    To eat.

    And isn't it rotten tomatoes? :P

    I like it.
    I'm going to wait for the next one, since I know you'll write a continuation of this, and then tell you that you need to publish it. =D

  2. Honest feedback, Umm.. I could predict the way story was shaping up, though it was cute :)
    With the next part, surprise me please.

    Besides, use my name in the forthcoming characters. I love playing roles in stories :D


  3. I want my name in the story too.
    I bullied Ovais once when we were in kindergarten.

    Yet I got better later on.So I want to be the hero.=D

    You have great writing skills! Keep writing! And CONTINUE !

  4. It is like you re writing the story of my first week in college, I was pretty skinny then and very timid. And then I met this girl but was too damn shy to approach her, then she went study abroad in the US and I'm still very sorry that I never told her what I felt.

    Btw, I'm from Vietnam. Nice too know your blog, followed you now.

  5. thats a really sweet story....hope u continue with it:):)

  6. @Ovais as long as it rotten just throw it!!!
    well im glad you decided to boil it :P:P what a relief :):)
    thanks I hope I dont disappoint you on the continuation ..thanks anyway :D:D

    thanks for the honest feedback..well i'll try to include some aliens,monsters or outer space creature to surprise you then :P:P

    So choose one of the character you wanna be and I'll make them look as cute as you!!Occay!!
    ..and thanks for the flattered

    You wanna be hero,but the hero's character taken by Vasu..what about supporting role???i will make you sound cool *wink*
    You bullied ovais..that's soooo cute
    Thanks for the compliment :):)

    serious??? then you take Vasu's character..heheh
    awww.that's so sweet love me,you'll get a better one and make sure you confess to her..okay??
    Im following you toooooooooooooooo:):)

    Thanks dear..i will try

  7. Awe you wrote a story...woh bhi lovee sweet :D

    Nice start..kya yaar guy is shy but I'm sure the girl will be like you fatang haina :P

    Looking forward to it!!


  8. i love your description of the main character :D ♥ i can't wait to read more of this! you're written in wonderfully. well done :)

  9. No rotten eggs for now :) Waiting for the next chapter!

  10. Greet the two with crimson roses and chimes :)

    Good start. GO ahead!

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  11. oh write more =)
    it`s beautiful

  12. @Fatima
    LOL..yes yes its a love story,i wanna make it funny..but let's see how it goes :P:P..and I dont understand hindi ;''''''''''''(

    @Furree Katt
    thanksssssssss..i wil make him more interesting..and thanks for the encouragement :):)

    oh thanksssssss ..i will try ;)

    @Blasphemous Aesthete
    awww..that's soo sweet of you!!!!
    Thanks a lot ;D;D

    thank you..i wil :):)

  13. make me the villain, like the bad ass one.. and cute :D

  14. Bad ass one right??? sure no problemo.and cute of course :P:P

  15. Nice start, would love to

  16. pert two,!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    post it asap..
    i just want to read some more of this beautiful writing <3 it...

  17. awwwwwww...glad that you like it :):) i will try to come up with one :):)

  18. OK..the first time they met..isn't that bad ;)
    but...since story starts 5 years from here..everyone is definitely expecting another part...and it will be interesting to know...what our timid hero (as of now) does and how he responds to the call of love for the girl who lifts him and extends her support :)

  19. hmmmm..thanks ..well there might be a twist in the story..lets see how it flows..heheh:P:P
    thanks for the comment :):)

  20. awww..i will but i cant foresee the part two coming :P


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