Tuesday, July 5, 2011


We all have secrets, something that we doesn’t want anyone to know, something that’s personal, which remain to be ours forever. The heart is like a diary that holds thousand of secrets and sometimes it could just be like a dustbin where we keep on stuffing with more trash day by day. At some point it overflows and that’s when all the secrets flow out as well.

Sometimes I ask myself. Why do I keep things to myself? Why shouldn’t it be told to someone else? Why do I keep trivial matters as secrets? But whenever I start to look for answers, I will end up with more questions instead. Maybe it’s because I’m just a secretive person. I need my personal space. They don’t have to know all the things about my self.

Are you willing to share someone that you love with another person? Certainly a no, and I’m in love with my secrets and I am not sharing it anyone!

P.S: well, I hope I'm not crapping here!!!!  :P


  1. I love my secrets too, and different secrets have different people whom they could be shared with, may be in hints.
    So till you get hold of someone like that, you're all good keeping them to yourself. :D

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  2. And writing a diary or telling things to a friend is like emptying the trash :)

    It helps sometimes, If you a going through a tough time. But it doesn't matter how much you tell your friends, you will still have things to keep to yourself. :D


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  4. Sometimes you feel you're an open book, maybe you are one but then when something comes up you realize its too personal to let it out...and sometimes even to a diary! And with different people we have different secrets ain't we ??

    Nice one...and btw I'm still figuring out if I have some secrets left or I've actually told all of them to a certain someone...lol you left me confused and thinking :D

  5. so true.. everyone has secrets.. and i feel that these li'l thing define you.. there are some things which you can share with the people you trust and there are few things that rather remain with you.. i prefer to pen them down into my diary.. :) tc

  6. @Blasphemous Aesthete
    well,im keeping it to myself for the moment :)
    take care fren

    yeah i tried writing diary but its kinda hard to safeguard it..:)yeah,we will always have something not to tell to anyone:)

    take care

    yeaah..agreed sometimes it gets to personal even to share in diary..Lol..but im very sure you must have left something that's not been told to anyone ;)
    everyone have secrets!!!;):)

    @I am she
    yeah it's sooo me!!! I find it very hard to share my secrets
    good for you :)

    Take care fren

  7. Just to lighten your head, you could write them down and bury somewhere

    Stay Blessed ^_^


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